Chapter 2 Frozen

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Chapter 2

The Freezing

               The church was quiet as people sat in their pews and prayed. The only thing that could be heard was the air from the vents. Most of the people up front were families. They looked so peaceful and welcoming to each other unlike me who was utterly alone except for Franky. After the incident he told me to leave the area and he would take care of the rest, whatever that meant, but he said he would also look for me later. It felt strange at first, but having someone around me made me feel better; a weight was lifted from my chest.  

               The sermon came up next and I saw some of the other orphan children whispering in the back. They all got along so well, they had each other to tell their secrets, did I now have someone like that? I hoped with all my heart I had found someone to be around, even if he was an insane freak. I was a freak as well, so it would most likely turn out alright.

               People began to sing along to the adult choir. After they were done, Marie had us get up to sing to the church. The orphans had their own children’s choir and we usually sang a lot of the time. I got up from my seat and stood in the back of some of the smaller kids. We began to clear our throats to sing “Jesus Loves Me”, when we had reached the second verse I realized that everyone had stopped and I was the only one singing the song. I looked around and everyone else was still. Even the flames that were flickering on the various candles around didn’t even move the slightest millimeter.  

               Panic began to rise inside me. The sight was out of the ordinary. Even though I wasn’t ordinary myself, I assumed there had always been some logical reason for it, either that or I didn’t want to know the reality.

               I pushed through the front doors and found myself in the courtyard. The sky was full of gray clouds and the trees looked dead. The leaves that had been blown around were frozen in mid air. I heard a crack from behind me. I wanted to turn, but my feet stuck in place. I thought I was about to die from the way my heart beat so rapidly.

               “Jaybird!” A familiar voice called me from the direction of the cracking sound. Thank god it wasn’t a serial killer.

               “Franky? What are you doing here?” I asked as I turned around giving him an annoyed look.

               “I came to get you. Umm… you see, there’s somewhere you need to go to… right now!” Franky used hand movements to indicate that we needed to hurry which only furthered my irritation.

               “Not until you explain why everything is completely frozen in front of me! And why do you need me?”

               “I had to cast a spell to make time go faster for us, also later, ok? I promise I’ll explain, but were going to be late if you don’t come along with me already!” Franky took my arm and began to drag me outside and to a more busy area in the city. I had no choice, but to follow, plus I was curious about where Franky wanted me to go to so badly.

               It was interesting watching everything in a frozen motion, though it seemed like the faster objects in life were just going extra, extra slow. If you looked close enough you could possibly see a tiny bit of movement.

               Franky stopped as a flight of stairs that led down a dark tunnel that was right next to the street and ushered me to come. I read a sign that said “Hello and Welcome to the Metro.”

               “We’re going to the subway?” I had never been on the subway; in fact the only close place I got from outside the church was school.

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