Jills POV

Today we are going shopping with the girls, well supposed to. Mia woke up in the middle of the night sick with a fever, we called momma just to ask what to do sl we gave Mia some children motren and just sang her to sleep. Its 9:30 am me Demi and Alex are up while Mia's still asleep. She's probably going to sleep all day. So I told Dem to take Alex out have a day to kinda get to know her a little more. So her and Alex went upstairs to get ready and go shopping.

Alex POV

Me and Demi are going shopping today, it was supposed to be all 4 of us but Mia is sick so Jill is staying home with her. I'm really excited to go out with Demi I'm just not sure about the paparazzi.  But I guess I'll have to get used to it since my moms are famous.  They aren't my moms come on Alex don't be dumb. Maby I can ask Demi if I can possibly call her mom? Mia called Jill mommy last night but I think its easier for her cause she didn't know our mom really. I just realized I have been starting at my self in the mirror for almost an hr and a half. I could have been there longer then I felt Demi's arms wrap around my waist. She rested her chin on my shoulder, she spun me around and told me to do this with her. She said she does it with Jill eveytime they go out. Repeat after me: I am beautiful I'm perfect Jill loves me Demi loves me Mia loves me Demi's family loves me the Lovatics love me the Jillybeans love me but most importantly I love me. I repeated every thing Demi said I kinda felt good about my self for once. I finished getting ready Demi let me borrow some of her old clothes from like "RockVato" days it was cute a band tee lether pants leather jacket and combat boots. My kind of style right there, I put my hair in a side braid and we left.

*At the Mall*

Demi's POV

I texted Max to tell him to meet us at the mall. He was there when we got there but before we got out of the car I told Alex to not answer any questions or anything just ignore them and keep walking.  She nodded and I singled Max to come first he got me then we walked to get Alex. As soon as got out and I grabbed her hand she tensed up. I held her close to me and just hummed in her ear. Finally we got in. I asked her where she wanted to go first she has never been here before so I just took the lead. We went into TopShop,Forever21,HotTopic, and a few stores I have never heard of?  After 3 hours we started to get tired she wanted to go to one more store, it was Mia's 4th birthday in 2 weeks so she wanted to get her something special.  We went to the Jewelry store and got her and Mia both bracelets,  they had AL4 on them I didn't understand I guess she got that by my look its our anitals Mom and dad's name both startes with A's Dads was Alexander thats why my name is Alexandria and Moms was Amelia and our last names are Lopez so that's why I got AL4 she told me. Makes sense now. I told her there was a little dimond in the middle of the "A". Finally we left the mall and went to Ikea. She got a Bed frame side tables dressers and a really nice vanity. Then we went to the hardware store and she wanted her room black and she was going to paint on things with white paint. On our way home Neon Lights was on so I turned it up as loud as I could and put my roof down and started yelling "this is my song!" Then that's when I heard Alex yell. This is my Mom's song! I had a smile ear to ear.I thought my face was gonna fall off. Alex looked at me right when she said that "uhhmm I-im so sorry Demi it sliped". No Alex baby your fine it actually made me happy that you called me Mom. We where in comfortable silence for a while then she spoke up , De-Mom? Yeah babe? I was wondering,  but I don't want to ask to much of you so nevermind. No baby you cant ask to much of me your my daughter I will do anything for you. So what's up. Well I've been writing a few things, well a whole book and I was wondering if mabey when you go into the studio I can go with you a mabey record something?  Of course babe what do you got do you just have a sample of something I can hear?

**(this is my song all of my work so please don't take it its from very personal experiences and its not done yet so I'm trusting y'all)**

Uhh yeah sure *clears throat*

The minutes ive spent without you

Its only been like 10

This peircing pain straight through my brain

It just makes me relize I need you so much

I cant function w/o you its like a bottle without the cap

What would I be if I never met you

Where would I go if I didn't have you

This pain I can't take it anymore,

you may feel like walking outvthe door

But baby please let me explain

The day I looked into your eyes I knew there was something special

I needed I needed to find it out but your leaving to soon.

I can feel it in my heart

It's the beginning it's the start of something great

I can tell  you are afraid but I'm here to say cause

Without you I'm like a

Bottle without the cap.

Did you like it mom? Are you crying momma?  No baby that was just beautiful I love it maby you can write on my next album with me. Well I guess if you want me to I didn't think it was that good but if you think so of course I would love to! 

Jill's POV

Mommy! Hurry I heard from upstairs

I go running up stairs to see what is wrong with Mia  what's wrong baby? Look at what I did for momma! She holds up a picture with all of us infront of a building that I assume is the house, I'm observing the picture when I see to little people standing in the distance.  Who are those people baby girl? My mommy and daddy, sissy said they went bye-bye but that's not true cause I was talking to them before you camed up here. Aww princess lets go get a frame and put it in there and wrap it for momma ok. Ok and mommy I'm hungry ok baby how do you feel. I feel super better, ok then do you want to go to McDonald's and play in the playground?  Yeahh! Ok then we have to go take a bath. Yes ma'am she did a little army soulite and ran upstairs I stood back and took it all in this is MY family I guess I said it out loud cause I felt arms wrap around my waist saying this is OUR family. 


I think I'm gonna end it here but write a sequel?  What do you think comment below cause of i get no comments no

sequel any way. That was fun to write hopefully y'all want a sequel!  I love you guys


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