Chapter 2:

Reave's POV:

Today is the day I've been dreading ever since I turned 16, the 25th Hunger Games. 

This year instead of only two tributes being reaped, a boy and a girl, there was to be four, two boys and two girls. This was bad!

(2 Hours later...)

So, here I am, standing near the middle of all of the girls, at the reaping in District 7. Effie walks up and does the traditional stuff, blah, blah, blah. This is the part where I zone in... 

"As usual, ladies first," her annoying heals click constantly as she makes her way over to the bowl filled with the females' names. She puts her hand in and pulls out one piece of paper, I guess she's going back for the second slip... 

"Jackie Lake-man," the crowd separates for her as she makes her way up, no one volunteers, no one ever volunteers. Effie makes her way to the bowl again and grabs the second slip... 

"Reave Sliverson," and there it is. I've just been reaped into the Hunger Games with Jackie who just happens to be one of the people who hated me as soon as I got to District 7. I make my way up to the stage, when I get there Effie grabs my upper arm and drags me towards Jackie. 

"And now for the boys!" She speaks into the microphone. Her high heels click against the concreted stage as she walks to the bowl full of male names. She grabs one out and grabs the other in her other hand, obviously trying to hurry everything up. She makes her way back to the microphone and opens up one of the pieces of paper, "Tyrone Moran," the crowd of boys make a clear path for him to walk through as he makes his way to the stage and stands on the opposite side of Effie, "And the last person is... Carlos Richards!" he slowly made his way up to the stage with an emotionless mask covering his face. "Here we are, the tributes from District 7, Jackie Lake-man, Reave Sliverson, Tyrone Moran and Carlos Richards! Go on you four, shake hands." Effie's high pitched voice say, letting the capitol know what our full name are. We each shake hands, we then get ushered off into the building behind us. This is it, I'm now officially in The Hunger Games!

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