Caught Between Two

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"Save me some, I'm was up late with this fricken Rat dog." Finn yelled from the living room.

I was pouring myself my second mug of coffee. I puffed my blond hair upwards, than looked down sadly at Max, my new Chiwawa puppy, who stood on his hind legs, begging for the caffeine filled drink.

"Theirs lots left, ok? And you weren't the only one up." I yelled back, patting max's head softly. I grabbed my mug, and walked into the kitchen. My 18 hear old brother was sitting on our couch, eating a half empty bag of chips. He turned to look at me, then groaned and turned back to the four foot window.

"Did you bring me any?" He asked, reaching for another handful of chips."

"I'm happy I didn't, chips and coffee? Gross." I replied, sipping on my own coffee.

He rolled his eyes, then pushed up off the couch, he strode past me, nudging my shoulder lightly. Seconds later, the coffee machine, clicked 'off ' and he was pouring himself his own cup of coffee.

I walked in slowly behind him. He was leaning on his elbows, drinking his coffee in slow, loud slurps.

"It taste better when you know you got it? Am i right?" I asked sarcastically, draining my own coffee.

"Mai!" I called. The happy 7 year old bumped down the stairs, and stood in front of me and grinned.

"Mornin' mommy." She said.

"Hungry hum?" I asked squatting down to be her hight level. She nodded her approval, and I gestured to Finn to get out the bacon.

"Mornin' uncle Finn."

"Morning cutie." He said going in for a huge hug. "How was your sleep?"

"Good." She replied.

Well, uncle whats for break fast? We are both starving!" I said, edging on for him to make us breakfast. I shot Mai a look, and she nodded.

Finn leaned over the counter and whispered lightly into my ear.

"Not even one, not even one coffee." And he pulled away, and opened the fridge door and pulled out the bacon.

"Come on Mai, lets get dressed, we have church today."

I grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs to her room. My 7 year old daughter, my only one, too. I dressed her into her favourite blue dress, and pinned her hair up in a long braid. She had long blond hair like mine. She had a small round face with green eyes, unlike mine which are a bright light blue. This was passed down by her dad, Mark. A loving man, with shaggy brown hair an green eyes. He loved us, me and Mai. He was a great worker, and an even more, a Husband.

We met in high school. Our last year had finally come, and my best friend and I moved to the new highs school down town. It was new, and big and was perfect. My first class was music, where I had to show my skills on any given instrument chosen from any student in the room. Mark, the popular one, sat at the front of the class with a red headed girl sitting next to him, they were dating I'm sure because of their hands linked together. The teacher gladly picked the best in music in the room, Mark. He blushed at this honour, then picked the instrument I was to play. He walked over to me, introduced himself then went and stood beside the Grand Piano at the back of the class.

"This." He said pressing down on two keys. I strut over there and sit on the brown bench, and happily sigh. This is my favourite, I take classes too, its my passion. Did Mark see right through me? I brushed my hair out of my face, straightened my poster, and thought of a good song to play. It was just starting to change into fall, so I pick a good Halloween Classic, Thriller. I mastered it a month ago. Honestly, I love Michael Jackson. I took a deep breath, then without looking sideways at all the eyes, I raised my hands near the black and white keys, and begin to play that special song.

"Mommy, that hurts." Mai said, looking up at my blank eyes. I shook my head, to shake out the thought, and look down at her hair, I was tightening the braid pony tail to the extreme.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said. My last daydream still haunting in my eyes. I pulled the tight elastic out of her hair, and re-did her braid.

"Ah, better." She giggle, and bounced off her bed, and out of sight. I slowly stood up from the bed, and made my way to my room.

My room was cold. I haven't slept in that bed, for, 2 years. The guest room is usually where I fall asleep, or when I do fall asleep. I took in a deep breath, and walked in. I crossed over to the edge of my bed, and for the first time in for ever, touched the soft bedding. The silky blanket was freezing, and it brought back to many memorize. I reached over the side table, and pulled open the drawer.

The frame was slightly chipped, but other wise this photograph was perfect. It still brought that prickling feeling to my eyes, the sting when the tears feel. Mark stood, with his gun raised high in the air. A smile on his face, and tears wet on his cheeks. I stared down at it until Mai came running up the stairs looking for me. I wiped my eyes away from the tears, then called for here.

"In here, Sweat heart." I called. She came dashing down the halls, and flung herself on to the bed.

"Uncle Finn made us BACON!" She squealed.

I laughed, and hiccuped loudly. Mai pulled away and stared at me.

"Whats the matter mommy?" She asked like it didn't really matter, their was bacon out there, why would it? And it would just brake her heart to hear what was really the matter.

"I'm- I- just-" What am I suppose to tell a 7 year old kid? Not whats really up. "I'm just so hungry." I spite out, she smiled and took a hold of my hand.

"Well, you go get ready for church, then you get your breakfast! Got it?" Mai was so bossy, and acted like my mother.

I sighed "finnneee." I groaned. She giggle then rolled off the bed, and releasing my hand.

I stood up, shook away my feelings, and walked over to the closet. I pulled out my Blue blouse with my skinny jeans, and my blue flower shoes. I covered my shoulders with a white cardigan, and touched my face up with make up. I re-brushed my hair, and then made my way down the stairs, and out to the kitchen.

"Any coffee left over Finn?I asked, only to be corrected from Mai.

"Uncle Finn, you mean." She repeated.

"Oh yea, sorry, Uncle finn? Is there any coffee left?" I look at her and gave her a slow smile, to signify I got it right, she just nodded her head, and turned back to her plate of bacon and eggs.

"No, you had two this morning." He said sliding over my plate of steaming food. I rolled my eyes childishly.


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