Chapter 1(:

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My nerves take over as I pull into the huge campus I will be attending for the next 4 years. CAU, the college I have been dreaming of ever since I was 10. Watching half my family graduate from this school, and succeed from this schools teaching. I park in the closest parking spot to the building as possible. I turn off the ignition, and take in the beautiful sight in front of me. A smile creeps to my face, this is my dream, and my whole future is just ahead of me. Right in front of me. I grab my purse and jump out of my small car, I take a breath of the cool California air and smile.

I walk to my trunk and open the door and take grab as many suitcases as I possibly can and walk to the building. I throw a bag over my shoulder and try to carry 3 more bags. As I wheel two suitcases behind me I attempt to shut the trunk door and grab my keys. Carefully I try to steadily walk to the building, trying not to make a scene. Just a few more steps I think to myself. Walking quite fast my suitcase hits a rock and tumbles over causing my purse to fall to the ground, and everything falling out. I quickly get to my knees to gather my things, failing at my attempt not to make a scene.

“Here let me help you,” a very soft voice says. I look up to find a blonde haired blue eyed boy kneeling in front of me just as I am. I take in his brown roots and smile.

Hi, I’m Niall,” he puts his hand out for me to shake it. I grasp it, his hand soft and his shake is firm, making his biceps come into view.

“Belle,” I say quietly and give another smile, “You really don’t need to help me,” I say and continue to pick up my things. More nervousness takes over me.

“No really it’s alright; it’s the least I could do.” He smiles down at me as we both stand at the same time. I his bright smile is attractive just as much as he is. I smile back at him and throw my purse over my shoulder, “Thanks,” I say and begin to walk away. “Hold up! At least let me help you get your stuff to your dorm?” He smiles again at me; I nod in agreement, and give him one of my suitcases.

“Where is your dorm?” He looks down at me. He clearly is much taller than me, it’s intimidating, and he’s intimidating. I tell him my dorm name and he kindly leads me there. At this point I am thankful that this blonde haired boy was there to help me. I would have looked like a complete fool collecting my all of my stuff on the ground by myself. Even just walking around the campus by myself.  

We arrive at the door, and I take my key that I got days before and open it. The door flies open and I walk in. Straight ahead is a single bed and off to the right is a set of made bunk beds. “I thought I was rooming by myself,” I look dumbly at Niall for a response, like he would know if I was rooming by myself or not. He shrugs his shoulders and pulls the suitcase I had him roll to his side. He turns around to close the door, before he even got the chance got close the door a hand slips through the door, “Whoa, hello.” A brunette haired girl walked in followed by another.

I almost gasp at how beautiful both of them are. Both their hair beautifully long, their bodies perfectly skinny, and faces gorgeous. I look down in disappointment in myself for not looking that good my self-esteem lowering, “I’m Alexia, you must be Annabelle, you are gorgeous,” she says. It’s almost if she can read my mind, my hateful thoughts toward myself, her thoughtful, nice comment raising my self-esteem back to where it was

“Belle, just Belle, and thank you, you both are.” I return the favor.

Both of them smile and look at Niall. “I’m Jade,” the other brunette says with a big smile on her face, “Very nice to meet you,” she puts her hand out for me to shake it; I slowly bring my hand up to hers and firmly grasp it. Her tan skin making her even more beautiful, “I suspect you are majoring in music?” Jade asks me. She is much sweeter than Alexia.

Uh yah. How’d you know?”

“All music majors live in Grace Hall, which we are in.” Jade exclaims.

You are music major? Cool!” Niall asks in shock then smiles at me. He is such a sweet boy, that I know of for the short time I have known him. I giggle and give him a returning smile. Smiling at each other is our thing I guess. I smile again at the thought, then nod, “Yeah I am. My instruments are in my car. I still have a lot of crap to get.” I walk over to the open bed and attempt to throw my heavy suitcase over the bed, and fail causing Niall to help me. I thank him and go back to my conversation with Jade. Alexia has strayed off from our conversation, to do her own thing. This is going to be an interesting year.

“Well I should probably go I need to get my stuff too,” Niall says in a sweet voice. I honestly am sad and don’t want him to go he is my first ‘friend’ here. “O-okay I guess I’ll see you around.” I say trying not to sound how I feel. “I’m Niall by the way,” he says to both the girls in the room, nodding his head and turning on his heal to make and exit. “I’ll see you around Belle,” he says to me and I make an attempt to smile at him.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Alexia asks me. “No, no, he just helped me, get my stuff, no we aren’t dating no. No.” I repeat myself. “Jesus I was just asking, no need to say no a thousand times, but he’s hot.” We all laugh at her comment about Niall, and I unpack the bags that he helped me bring in.

“Hey if you need help bringing in the rest of your stuff I can help you,” I hear Jades small voice echo across the room. She’s sweet, “That would be great thanks.”  I chime, I finish up my unpacking. Jade and I walk outside to grab the rest of my bags, and make small talk. By the time we get back to the dorm room, I know a hand full of stuff about Jade. Her parents are divorced and her mother remarried, her father engaged. She only has one sister, and older one, married and has a child. Jade is so sweet and caring. She explains how much she loves her niece, she tells me her name is Destiny and she is one of the most beautiful babies she’s ever seen, she shows me a picture from her phone and I agree.

We get back to Grace hall and people mostly boys flood the halls, “Is this a co-ed dorm?” I ask Jade. “Well the boys’ hall is connected to ours; I can’t even express how many cute guys live in that hall.” She gestures her hand in the air and rolls her eyes back in her head. “Are we a loud to go there?” I ask smiling in wonder. “Who cares let go sightseeing.” She winks and me and we giggle and turn around to go down the boys’ hall.

We open the doors to the hall and walk into the lounge area where multiple girls and guys are sitting, conversation. Jade and I look at each other in unison and smile at the amount of guys sitting in the lounge. We see Niall and call him over, followed behind him is a curly haired boy, much taller than Niall, his hair flopping as he walks. His beauty takes me by surprise and I gasp. Jade nudges me, as if she notices my interest in this curly haired boy. Tattoos fill both this arms, and down his right hand. I try to look away but I can’t, my nerves taking over me again as he comes closer. Niall greets us and pulls me into a hug. I can’t help but smile at him. Again.

“This is my roommate,” Niall says,

“Harry,” the curly haired boys says to me. He green eyes lock with mine and I feel immobile. I can’t take in the beautiful boy standing in front of me. I can hardly find the words to even say my name, “B-belle,” my voice is shaky, “I’m Belle.”  

(Hey guys! This is my first chapter! The other chapter was to give you guys an idea of what is to come later!! This chapter is just to get it started! I hope you guys like it! Vote and comment please!:) I have so many ideas! Since its almost Christmas break I’m going to have a lot of time to write so I will try to write every day!)

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