Jongup 1

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You were running down the halls of you school because your friend, Minzy, was chasing you for teasing her. Since you had no place to hide, you ran into the dance room and hid there. But Minzy didnt realise and ran straight ahead. You giggled 'Silly MinMin."

While hiding, you heard music in the room. Hip hop music of course. You decided to see where it came from.

'Ah, so this is where it came from,' you said to yourself, standing in front of the private dance room. Only a few selected pupils were able to practise in that room. Without knowing, you opened the door and saw a boy dancing.

"He's good," you said. He spotted you and stopped dancing. He looked at you and smiled.

'Wow he's cute," you said and when you realised what you said, you mentally slapped yourself.

"Its okay. Just go on. I was just wondering where the music came from," you said.

"Ok but do you wanna watch?" he asked.

"Uhhh sure. okay," you agreed. Then he started dancing. His moves were perfect. He's a dance machine and he looks so cute. Just the type of guy you liked.

"So how was it?" he asked, ending his dance.

"I like it. Wow seriously you're good!" you said,clapping. He blushed a little.

"Uhh i'm Moon JongUp by the way," he said, holding out his hand. You shook it.

"And i'm y/n. Nice to meet you!" you answered.

" Nice to meet you too. Say, lets go grab sonething to eat. My treat," he said, flashing his smile.

"Okay sure," you smiled back.

When you were in front of the school gate, you heard someone scream your name and looked back.

"YAH Y/N WHERE WERE YOU?!" you friend, Minzy asked.

"In the dance room hiding from you. As you can see, Im going out with Jonguppie now and will you excuse us?" you said, sticking out your tougue and left. Mizy stood there, dumbfounded


Sorry if it sucks tho

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