A loud irritate sigh left Julia's lips before she threw her curling iron down on her desk, "Fuck this!" she scowled obviously annoyed with something. "Why can't my hair just behave just once?" I stayed silent knowing all to well this was a rhetorical question, one I've asked myself multiple times.

"What are you trying to do?" I ask as I slip in one of my hoop earrings.

"I just want more... oomph" she said grabbing her hair and tried pushing it up. "But it keeps falling flat, and its flipping annoying" she dropped her arms in defeat groaning loudly.

I grabbed my can of hair spray, "Here flip your head upside down" I instruct her. She gives me a weird expression not doing anything. "Would you just do it!" I said a bit louder. She groaned, "Fine but I don't see how putting my head between my knees is going to help my hair situation" she protested as she flipped her head upside down.

I brushed through her curls before spraying hair spray all over the hair, then ran my fingers through them once again. "Now flip your hair back." she did so then turned towards the mirror, "Now that is what I call oomph" she said admiring her hair in the mirror.

"You welcome" I said proudly before flipping my hair over spraying it all over.

"Dumb question, but is that what your wearing tonight?"

I flipped my head back up and looked at myself in the mirror, I was wearing coral pink skinny jeans with a long sleeved gray shirt and a matching coral pink infinity scarf. I thought I looked pretty good. I turned to face her, of course she was wearing a short black dress with black tights and killer red heels.

"Is that what your wearing?" I asked pointing to her attire. She nodded before spinning around giving me full view. "That's what I thought" I pursed my lips at her before slipping into my gray flats.

"Why don't you every wear dresses?"

I shrugged, "My mom always had me in dresses." I said applying a pale pink lip balm to my lips. I popped them for no reason at all.

"That really didn't answer the question Rae." I could just see the annoyed look on her face now, it matched her annoyed tone.

I haven't explained to Julia what exactly happened to my parents, I didn't want to tonight but I knew it would come out sooner or later. "My mom always forced me to wear dresses, to school, to church, to dinner parties, every where we went I had to wear dresses. I hated it because I couldn't run around and get dirty like the boys did." I took in a shaky breath preparing myself for what I was to say next. "My mom died when I was 10 years old. That was the last day I wore a dress" I said stone cold.

Julia's face dropped, "Oh. I'm sorry I didn't mean... to bring up sore memories" her tone was mournful.

I smiled only to lighten the mood, "Don't worry about it. It's been almost nine years now. I'm use to the idea of her being gone." she offered a half hearted smile.

"Anyways" I clapped my hands together, "We're meeting Amanda and Skylar at the salon in about ten minutes so one last check then we should go" I say to her and she agrees. Everything was in order and we left our hairspray cloud of a dorm and headed out.

I found Skylar waiting against her beater of a civic as I pulled into my spot she too was wearing a dress. What was with girls and wearing dresses to clubs? Did no one wear pants anymore? "Were's Amanda?" I ask out the window of my truck.

"Finishing shutting down, you might want to check up on her."

"Funny funny, I did just fine on my own thank you very much" Amanda said as she now walked up to Skylar. She was wearing a pair of black leggings with high heels and a sparkling silver tank top with a black jacket. At least I wasn't the only one wearing some sort of pant.

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