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I asked Andr if I could show her around the city, she said yes. She was slightly blushing so was I. Nobody noticed except for me and Cupa. Andr looks so cute when she blushes... wait, I cant fall in love, the kingdom depends on me and I cant let what happened last time happen again, I don't want her to break my heart like what Dawn did.

"Adam she's different . I can feel it"

It was my mothers voice. Her voice would be there to comfort me. Only I can hear her 

because, well shes a voice inside my head.

I had to trust my mom, plus she probably likes me, cause she kind of blushed and I sorta blushed too.

"Hey Adam" It was Andr who was talking now. She probably thought I zoned out or something

"Huh. What is it"

"Do you know were my clothes are?"

"Yah. They got wet so their being cleaned. I new you'd ask once you were awake so theres some clothes in the closet, I'll go get them.

I got to the closet, getting a few glances at Yaebi who was talking to Jerome and Mitch. He was wearing a dark green hoodie that had a zombie face on the top, it was also a little torn up he wa also wearing some blue pants and grey sneakers.

I took the clothes out of the closet and handed them over to Andr. she was able to walk since she was fully healed and since the nurses already removed her IV she could walk easily but still Cupa helped her get into the bathroom.


I got into bathroom, it was quiet small but it was ok. I got dressed, after getting dressed I looked in the mirror and looked at my hair . It was a MESS. So I got the comb that Cupa gave me awhile ago while helping me into the bathroom. I started combing it until it returned to its natural strait self. I got out of the bathroom and saw everybody staring at me.

'What wrong?" I asked

"Nothing, its just that you look better wearing that then a hospital gown" answered Adam


Andr really did look better in what she was wearing than a hospital gown. She was wearing a sleevles purple blouse,black leggings and black boots. I like her in that , its better than a hospital gown.

"Can everybody stop starring at me please, its getting kinda weird" Andr said

"Sorry" everybody said besides Andr

Then I started laughing then Andr then suddenly it turned into a laughing fit.

"Can we go now please, I dont like hospitals." Said Andr making the laughter die down

"Okay lets go" i said

"By the way. Andr, we cant go home yet. You know that you cant teleport home cause its to fat away"said Yaebi

"Alright, I'll just find a place we can stay later"


"Thanks for showing me around Adam"

"No problem Andr. Hey, since your not allowed to go home yet how about you,Cupa and Yaebi stay here for awhile."

"Sure that would be great. But Yaebi has a home near here so he's staying there"

"Wait, if Yaebi has a home then why dont the two of you go there?"

"Well...his home is only fit for one person and its under ground"

"Oh, okay"



"Here's your room gals" says a happy Jerome

"Thanks cousin" says Cupa

"Yah, thanks jerome"

"No prob, Im just happy I get to see my cousin again. Thank you for making her go here Andr"

"Your welcome"

"Well, goodnight"

"Goodnight" Me and cupa say in unison right before jerome shut the door.

Cupa went to the bathroom to go take a shower leaving me alone to take in the room.I looked around the room. when you walked in you would see a bunk bed at the right side of the room,on the left side was a small door which was the bathroom, at the back wall of the room was the closet and next to the bathroom was a mall desk. In the middle of the room next to the bunk beds were two butter colored bean bag chairs.

I was getting a bit better so I could teleport things to me again. I teleported a few clothes for me and Cupa to me and a few potions, you might be wondering why I had potions well, one the potions were water resistance. its just like the fire resistance potion except its the opposite, two my mom was a sorceress.

Cupa out out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body. i handed her some pj's and she went into the bathroom again when she got out she was dressed. I for one just need to take a half bath then flash on some clothes.

I went into the bathroom then drank a water resistance potion after that I took a half bath the dressed up into some pj's and screamed

"dibs on top bunk" i said while climbing on top

"no fair I wanted it"

"well its mine now Cupa, sorry" at this point I was already laying down on the bed

"Uh,fine I'll sleep on the the bottom bunk"

"Good, now good night"

"G'night Andr. BTW, can you turn of the lights with your magic?"


I focused my finger on the light switch,then a dark purple aura apeared( not like Seto's, his is light purple while Andr's is a plum color). i turned of the light,then the purple aura disapearded.

I slowly drifted of to sleep

~~Dream  Land~~

I was looking at the sunset,it was so beautiful. I looked down to see two people talking.I look closer to see Adam and ME!

"I love you Andr. Ever since I met you in the forest I liked you ."

"I love you to Adam"

"Andr, will you be my girlfriend"


Adam was asking me to be his girlfriend it was magical. It was kind of weird though, cause I was looking at myself but still

~~End of Dream~~

I woke up and looked around. Cupa was on the bean bag chair fully dressed.

"Mornin' Andr"


"I think I like Adam"

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