Chapter 2

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Chapter two-

"I'm sorry I didn't knock,Axe." I apologized.

He laughed.

"Yeah it's fine really my used to do it all the time." He smiled.

But as we both walked out in of my room I noticed that he only said 'USED TO'. He must of lost he parents the same way I did. I wanted to try to read his mind but I knew that wouldn't be very nice.

We walked down the stairs and toward the living room.

"Why are you here,if I may ask."

"I here because my parents died in a police raid. But after that happened I was able to read others minds.." I said.

He stopped and looked at me one more time before he continued walking? He went close to my ear and whispered.

"How did they die?" He asked,curious.

"My father was shot and my mother suddenly died along with him." I answered.

"You do look like her.." I heard from his thoughts.

"Have we met before,Axe?" I said.

I read his mid to get the truth..

"It's really her, but her personality changed." He said sadly.

"Axe?" I called.

"Um I'm sorry, you remind me of someone."we both sat on the couch.

Maybe we was just childhood friends and I don't remember at the time. Well if that was the case I glad I got to intro myself to him again.

"Axe, can you help me with dinner!" Mrs.Reed called.

He winked at me and ran into the kitchen to help. I hear the door opening and there was more kids about my age to Axe's.

They was laughing and joking until they saw me in the living room. I waved awkwardly and smiled.

"Hi." I laughed.

" Mother, is this here in here!" The girl yelled.

The two boys beside her looked just like her, where they triplets? Mrs.Reed nodded as he walked out the kitchen.

"Yes, this is Nani she going to stay here for a while, so get acquainted with her."

The girl nodded and she introduced herself.

"I'm Jona these are my brothers Jack and Jason." Jona smiled.

The two boys shakes hands with me.

It seems that they was here for a while since Jona called Mrs.Reed mother. Axe soon comes out of the kitchen and the five of us sit around the dinner table for supper.

I sat there quite,I never been around this much people since I went to private school.

"Nani, is something the matter darling." She snips her tea.

My eyes widen in memory of my mother again. She always called me Sugar or darling. I look to the floor and was silence I never answered.

After dinner was done it was time for bed I laid on my bed and slowly was going to sleep. Jona was next door to me and I hear her laughing on her phone.

I then close my eyes and sleep dreaming of something that I had done.


"Princess you have my word."

I hear screaming and yelling,gunshots was sounding. A man in a fighting suit wants me to follow him to some type of ship. As I make it there I see a man in a tex waiting for me. Holding his hand out and smiling. As the ships starts he whispers into my ear and I soon wake up.

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