The next day I am incredulously sore. I feel like I can't walk without pain shooting up my legs, that's what I get for dancing for hours last night for the first time in months. Sarah is up and in a dress, getting ready for church. I slowly walk back to my bed from the bathroom and she turns to me.

"You look sore." She scrunches her nose in laughter as I walk away from her. I shoot her a warning look but laugh as well. "Are you coming to church today?" She smiles at me with hope. When she gives my that hopeful smile I can't bring myself to rid her of it. Rolling my eyes I give a swift nod before she squeals with excitement.

"I don't really have much to wear to church though." I point out.

"It's fine, here." She hands me a light purple dress that goes to my knees. I give her a confused look.

"Sare, you know we're not the same size, you're AT LEAST a size smaller." Sarah was a cheerleader through high school. How typical, the blonde popular girl a cheerleader. She was small and fit, but I was more toned than her. She rolls her eyes,

"I knew we were going to go to church. So I bought you a few dresses." She admits.

"Sarah!" I gasp, staring at her with anger.

I didn't like when Sarah bought me things. It made me feel like I was mooching off of her or a charity case. She always had more money and bought me gifts, which I would later repay her by taking care of her. She laughs and shakes her head.

"No arguing! Put it on, we're going to be late!" She insists with a stern look. I sigh and don't argue as I dress quickly. She drives us to church and the mass is nice.

There's singing and the pastor talking. We talk to a few of the parents by us afterwards. Sarah is all too friendly, talking to them about college and how we moved from Loveland. Turns out one of the couples moved from Loveland a few years ago and Sarah and them took off talking.

I listened to the conversation. Adding small things in to contribute like,

"Oh how about that. Me too. Yeah. That's sounds amazing." Nothing of substance though. I was having a hard time paying much attention for I just wanted to take a warm bath and relax my awfully sore muscles. Finally, after what seems like years, Sarah wraps up the conversation and we are in her car.

"See that wasn't so bad!" She smiles at me. I buckle up and clear my throat, running a hand through my hair and ignoring the aching pains in my legs.

"I guess." I agree turning up the radio. On our way back to the dorms Sarah stops at a breakfast restaurant. I love spending time with her. Especially when it involves food. Eating and girl talk is the best combination I could ask for.

I insist on paying for breakfast since she paid for the dress I wore, thankfully I had slipped some cash into the clasp I carried. 

"So are you actually going to classes this week?" I ask her. Sarah had been slacking in some classes, not having parents shoving you out the door makes it easier not to go. She rolls her eyes and nods.

"I did say I would go to class for now on if you went the party." She says in a singing voice. I laugh, remembering the offers she threw at me in her desperate attempt to get me to go. I'm thankful I agreed to go though.

"Good, you should've been going for a while now." I scold her.

"Yes mom." She sticks her tongue out at me and I throw my straw wrapper at her. She laughs and catches it. We get back to the dorm around one and I spend the rest of the time studying for my AP Chemistry class. She's busy on the computer again. I swear she is attached at the hip with that thing.

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