11: She Who Calls Him

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11: She Who Calls Him

Four Months Later - August

The August sun was beating heavily on me as I sat down on the plush green grass on my back with my nose stuck in a book.

"Hey baby doll." His willowy figure cast a shadow, giving me temporary relief from the raging sun.

Although a book was covering my face, I knew it was him. I had become accustomed to the deep husky voice after the first month of living with him.

After not getting a response from me, he gently grabbed the book from my hands and lay a small kiss on my forehead.

"Aww c'mon Mase! You know I was studying. I have a test next week!" I pouted.

"You're always studying." He whined. I would've reprimanded him, but he was right. As soon as I moved in with Mason, I started taking classes. It seemed as though I could never be away from school for long.

"Plus you shouldn't be lying on your back like that. You are huge; your belly can be your own mobile desk at this point."

Mason was always telling me the Dos and Don'ts of pregnancy. He never let an opportunity to let his M.D degree go to waste. He also wasn't wrong about my stomach. I was seven months now and bigger than ever.

He carefully grabbed my hands and lifted me to my feet.

"How was work?" I asked truly curious. Mason was a complex person when it came to the hospital. He worked extremely odd hours that never granted him enough sleep.

"Good." He was always terse with his answers never divulging any details.

I realized that Mason Abel was an absolutely different man when he was in Doctor mode. He was serious in the operating room and only conjured a smile when he tried to cheer someone up.

"Lets go home." He gave me a small smile and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. During the past months, Mase has become my best friend. He could in no way replace Jess, but he was a good substitute for the time being.

"Ahh sweet, sweet home!" I plopped myself on the soft couch and let the air conditioned air caress my bare arms and legs.

The walk felt like an eternity because of the extreme heat and my swollen feet.

Mason took a spot next to me. He was oddly quiet and I didn't know how to address it. It was obvious that something was on his mind.

I carefully scooted closer to him and took his hand in mine. "What's up Mase?"

His eyes were trained straight ahead, focusing on nothing in particular.

"I think you should tell Jace about the baby."

"What?" I instantly let go of his hand and gave him a confused look. I had no idea what prompyed such thoughts in him.

"He deserves to know." He quietly repeated.

"No." I got up and walked towards my room. How dare Mason even suggest that.

I locked the door with clumsy hands and sat against it. I hadn't forgotten about Jace. How could I; I had a growing baby boy inside of me as a constant reminder, but as every day passed I thought about him less.

Thoughts of Jace pushed me off the edge. I felt the air in my lungs constrict and tears spill out of my eyes.

He didn't deserve to know about my baby. He didn't. As far as I'm concerned I was this baby's father and no one else. Jace left me; He didn't want me and I'm sure that he would feel the same about my baby boy.

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