letter: t w e n t y - e i g h t

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dear benedict,

they tell us not to sink.

they tell us that in order to stay alive, we've got to stay anchored and not sink.

which is kind of ironic, really, since an anchor is the very thing that sinks to the bottom of the ocean and keeps a boat from moving.

instead of telling us to refuse to sink, they should instead tell us to stay anchored.

it makes much more sense, and it doesn't confuse one with it's contradictory ways.

but maybe that's just me being complicated and confusing, just as i always am. 

the thing i don't understand, though, is whether you're the anchor and i'm the ship, or if i'm the anchor and you're the ship.

sometimes i feel as though you're the one holding me back, the one who refuses to let me move forward.

but then i realize that i haven't been as kind and innocent as it may seem.

i've made mistakes just as you, benedict, and it's a shame that i like to pretend otherwise.

it's also quite a shame that i can't tell whether i'm the hero or the villain in this scenario, and that's kind of an unpleasant feeling for me.


another unpleasantry

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