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Dylan Harris was the hunk that all the girls wanted to be with. He was tall and muscular, which obviously made him even more attractive. He had blonde surfer boy hair that looked like something straight from heaven when the sun hit it just right. He was the kind of guy that the little emoji on my iPhone with the hearts for eyes would describe. The only problem with Dylan was that he never dated anyone, and we all know that girls like mysterious guys. So Dylan was basically an epidemic around campus. Girls were constantly talking about why he wouldn't date anyone. I was one of the few girls who didn't freak out in his presence. Apparently girls who have no interest in you gives you some kind of impression that you should totally go for it, much to my demise.

As for me, I don't date. I will go on dates, but never a dating relationship. Some people say that after so many times of getting hurt you decide to close your heart off.  But that's not the case with me. I had been hurt, abandoned, and broken one time by one guy, and that was enough for me. I'm not closed off, just not interested in putting my heart out there again to see an exact repeat of what happened with Drake.


I was walking to my biology class across campus when I hear some one say "Hey there..." It was that deep voice that all the girls swooned over... Dylan Harris.  He was the star football player for our small college, and he was on the Dean's List. How could you go wrong with a guy like this... you couldn't, and that's why he was so popular with the ladies. I had no interest in dating this guy, I also had no interest in gaining enemies as a result of talking to him, so I kept walking as if it was imperative that I get to class on time. It really wasn't because my professor never took role and all our tests were online, but he didn't know that. My aloof approach to the situation didn't phase Dylan one bit. I hear strong, determined footsteps behind me. I neither slowed nor sped up, I kept my steady pace.

"Hey you're Melissa the volleyball player right?" he said with a flirty tone.

"It depends on who's asking," I reply emotionlessly.

I get the feeling that he was now beginning to enjoy this game of chase. He jogs up beside me, winks at me as he passes, and then proceeds to plant himself in front of me so that I have no other choice but to listen to him.

"So I have to invite a girl to escort me to homecoming and you're about the only girl who has shown no interest in me, so I've decided you're the one Melissa." He says with a playful look on his face as he awaited my response.

"Why would you take someone who has no interest in you?"

"Well," he says slowly, "I've had my eye on you since I saw you spike that volleyball into a girl from the other team's face... ever since then I have been determined to get your attention..."

I cross my arms and look at him with a slightly amused grin. "Good to know my hits impress someone, but I wasn't trying to land a guy when I spiked that ball, so maybe you should find someone else Dylan Harris. " I say equally playful but still guarded

"Well actually there's lots you can learn by observing..."

"Oh so you have been stalking me?"

"If you want to call it that, by all means go ahead, but I really don't see it as stalking." He winked at me and then said "So Melissa... homecoming?"

I don't answer him, and apparently he was expecting this. He grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. "I have a much better way to ask you to homecoming..."

I tried to release my hand from his but he only held on tighter so I gave up on that.

It had been a while since I had let a guy hold my hand... not since Drake... my mind flew to a place I had tried to block. Drake was sitting with me, watching Charlie Brown Christmas. We were snuggled up on the couch and playing would you rather, not really paying attention to the television. He had my hand in his, playing with my fingers, with a crazy dreamy look on his face.

The look on his face changes as he stops the game and leans in closer to me and says "Would you rather watch this or do something else?"

"What did you have in mind?" I ask, knowing quite well what he had in mind.

He wasted no time in letting go of my fingers and letting his hand travel to my waist and the other to my face. He brought his lips to mine and kissed me gently. I had kissed him before, but this seemed different. As he kissed me, his hold around my waist became tighter as if he thought I would slip away if he didn't hold me tight enough. As I kissed him back, he seemed more urgent than normal. I separated our faces and searched his eyes and saw the same urgency I had just felt on my lips...

I snapped out of my flashback, not wanting to remember the rest. I forced myself to focus on what was happening at the moment. I was on campus, holding Dylan Harris's hand, he was asking me to homecoming. Dylan looked at me and winked... again. Then, from behind the trees a group of football players come out and begin to sing a song about homecoming. Dylan took a solo at the end, "Melissa, I promise to make homecoming night the best night you've ever had, be my date?" I felt like I had no choice but to say yes, so I did. But, I decided to stick to my no dating policy, so after homecoming, this boy would no longer be a part of my life...


"I'm leaving Liss, I got a job in Los Angeles... And I have to take it, but I can't take you..."

I tried to get out of his grasp, but he held me tighter. All he knew to do was try to ease the blow. He wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me like never before. I kissed him back with the same urgency. Drake, my Drake, leaving me? The thought made me want to burst into tears, but I didn't want to stop kissing him for any thing. So I kissed him harder and deeper. We were never the couple to make out all the time, but this was different. I needed this guy, and he was leaving me. After a few minutes, my tears were all over my face and his. He drew back, out of breath, and I realized he had been crying as well. I whimpered and then buried my head in his shoulder.

I woke up from my dream sweating and crying. Then I realized that it was no dream, it was a continuation of my flashback from earlier... two years later and it's all still so real...

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