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"You should just go to class, you know. Learn and stuff." I've been trying to convince Dylan to go for the past ten minutes! The nurse thinks I ran into a door so she wanted to keep me here for a while to make sure I didn't cause any brain damage! I'm not that clumsy!! Okay.. Maybe I am..

"No." He said for the fiftieth time.

"Why not! You need your eduation! It's okay for me because I'm the smartest kid on the universe!" I said.

"Um.. Ignorant much? And are you trying to say something?" He asked offended.

"Yah, I'm saying go to class dipwad."

"I have you know, I'm in all honors with straight A's." I sat up in suprise. "What classes are you in?" Wait! He gets to be in smart classes while im stuck in the dumb ones!? This. Is. Weird. Whatever I don't even-

"Your smart! Why didn't you ever tell me!?" I exclaimed.

"What was I suppost to do? Walk up to you in suspenders, a bow tie, and nerd glasses and say to you, 'Hey! I know we haven't talked for two years, but I'm smart! Hehehe', then run away?"

"Umm, YES!! That'd be so much better then the way you did actually greet me. Ya know, the second time, after you composed yourself once I got off my bike!" I snickered.

"What are you talking about? I am hilarious!!"

"'Now it stands for Damn, you got hot.' Like, worst pick up line ever!"

"It was funny!"

"It was creepy."

"You loved it!"

"Really? Did you realize I 'loved' it when I ignored you the rest of class, or when I sprinted out of the class room before the bell rang?"

"What-" He was interupted by the nurse. Our nurse was a huge ugly woman, who thought it would be cute to wear an actual nurse's outfit to school, and had on these nylons that made me wanna barf. Her hair was red and short and she had way to much makeup on. Her lipstick was twenty shades brighter than it should have been, and it really attracted attention to the hairy mole above her lip.

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