Holiday Surprise

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Jada's POV

So today is my and Audrey's one month anniversary. Since it's our one month anniversary and it's the month of December, I've decided to surprise Audrey by taking her out to see christmas lights. Yeah yeah, you say it's lame now but wait and see.

I go to the second floor and sneak up behind Audrey who is trying to do something in some Zelda game. I put my hands over her eyes and say "Guess who." she smacks my hands away and continues to play. "Love you too babe." I say sitting down beside her. She pauses the game and leans over to kiss me on the cheek. I take my santa hat off and I put it on her head. "So Cupcake, I was hoping to take you out somewhere later on today. You in?" I ask.

She nods yes.

"Yay!" I say happily leaning my head on her shoulder. "Lets go get some dinner." I say hopping up. Audrey saves the game, then turns it off. "Come on darling." I say, linking our fingers.

We walk together, hand in hand, all the way to McDonalds. I dont have a lot of cash okay. I get Audrey a McChicken and I get myself a cheeseburger happy meal. We start eating our food and Audrey finsihes her food before me, so I hurry and finish mine. I shove the toy pokeball that I got into my drawstring bookbag and grabbed Audrey's hand.

We started walking down the street to some state park that always has a lot of christmas lights up in December. We started to walk through the walking path and we pointed at lights that we thought were cool.

Soon we got to a little clearing that had a small waterfall type thing, a little pond, and a bunch of trees. "Stay right here babe. I gotta go to the bathroom. I'll be back soon." I say before running out of the clearing to a little area that wasnt really crowded. I got the pokeball toy out my bag and got out two small gold rings and I put the rings in the pokeball. Then I got some water from a water fountain and ran back to Audrey.

"I'm back." I say. Walking up beside Audrey. I pull a remote out my pocket and press 'on' then this big display of lights light up behind us. We turn around and we see lights that display the words "Happy Anniversary. I Love You." Audrey turns to me and I hand her the pokeball. She opens it and takes the rings out. She puts hers on the puts mine on. I kiss her. The kiss lasts about 2 minutes I guess. I lay a blanket down and we lay down on top of it and cuddle and stare up at the stars.

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