Chapter 1

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If you asked aya if true love was real or fake 2 years ago she would of laughed and responded fake .but of course everyone does until they meet their match.

Aya's pov

I woke up with my head pounding

Well that's was you get for getting shit faced drunk again I thought

I turned my head to the side and took in the white room around me

"What the fuck this isn't my bedroom " I mumbled trying to move but my limbs would not respond

I grunted and tried to move again but the sound of footsteps approaching made me stop .My heart was thumping wildly in my chest

"Ahhhh match qs16 is awake" a man fully clothed in white said

"Who are you .where am I why am I here " I asked quickly the panic finally settling in

"Be patient child " he said sticking a shot of something into my arm

I yelped and tried to move away but my body would not budge.

"Give it a minute and you should be able to move " he says calmly handing me a bag

As soon as I could move I was shoved into a bathroom ,he told me to get dressed and he would explain everything afterwards

I stood there for a moment trying to think about what I should do

I decided to get dressed and listen to the man he wasn't mean and if they were going to kill me they already would have . she pulled out a white sleeveless button up blouse and a black pencil skirt along with black flats .after dressing she opened the door and saw a man looking out a huge window

Aya wandered over to the man and nearly fell over when she saw him looking at a planet in the sky kinda like how someone looked at the moon except he wasn't looking at the moon he was looking at earth.


"Wha...... what ....that's ...I was ....."aya slumped down onto the ground breathing heavily trying to think about what she just saw .

"This can't be real " she sobbed covering her face with her hands

"Child this is very real you know why you are here??"

"No "

"The world will end with a nuclear explosion in 8 years time, We had so much planned for you humans so we need to guarantee the population will reproduce on the neo terra "

"The what ???"

"The new earth "

"This is ....insane

"Not really think of it as a privilege ,your being ensured a better life here instead of a painful slow death there " he said pointing towards earth

"But why me " aya said crying again

"Because you are talented you have a mind like no other,aya please your new life here will be wonderful " the man said kneeling down next to me placing a Hand on my shoulder.But I just shrugged it off I didn't want to listen to anything he said anymore ,I just wanted to go home to my little orange cat and my small apartment in New York

But clearly that wasn't happening

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