Chapter 7

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I rushed to get into Nina's car. she looks impatient, and angry at first, but when I open the car door she smiles and gives me this strange happy look.

"Awww. How sweet!" she said.


"Zayn and Ashford sitting on a tree, K I S S I N G!"

"Real mature, but No! Zayn is a friend I knew in Middle School." I defend.

"Sure!" she smiles "Anyway Congrats! We should celebrate!"

Flashback takes over on Zoey, when she mentioned about celebrating. Poor Zoe. I should probably text her.

"Um... Ash! Earth to Ashford!"

"Oh sorry. Yeah, celebrate! What do you have in mind Zoey?"

"Zoey?! ok... do you always tend to dose off often?" Nina asks.

"I mean Nina, Sorry." I laugh a bit.

"That's better. Now, let me think... oh, I know! I'll take you to my favorite bakery!"

"Ok " I respond.

She drives to the Bakery and I just sit, in awkward silence. I wonder about that party though. If Zayn knew that Nina wanted to surprise me about it. Then why would he tell me in the first place, and why does he seem so nervous.

Soon, we arrived to a bakery right near our apartment... or flat as they would call it here. When we walked in. The smell of fresh bread and pastries filled the air! It smelled delightful. Nina walked over to the register, while I gazed at the pastries behind the glass.

I heard Nina laugh, as she called my name. I then stood up straight and as soon as I turned around, my eyes locked on to this guy with messy, curly hair. His eyes were an emerald, green. I was lost in his eyes. He has his SnapBack on backwards and he's dressed in a white chef top with black Jeans and an apron. He is kneading some dough. As he kneads the dough he looked up at me. I quickly turned around hiding my burning, red cheeks. I then try to walk casually to Nina whom was already sitting on a table and smiling at me, with that same awkward smile she gave me earlier. Ugh! I think she noticed.

I sit down across from her, and the hot baker boy brings over some extraordinary looking pastries. They look as perfect as him. He sets them down in front of us and smiles at me. I flush and turn my head. After he went back behind the counter, I turn my head back and Nina raises her eyebrow at me.

"Oh hush!" I whisper, as I begin to eat and have a sip of coffee.

"I'm not gonna say a word! I saw the whole thing!" she laughs.

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