Chapter 68

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Louis' POV

Sam's team was pretty decent, but my team is obviously better. Sure Sam's an amazing player but I can take her, I'm a pretty good player myself.

As soon as we start, Sam's all over the field. I follow her up and down the field. I'd say we're a pretty good match because we run the same pace and have the same skill level.

Our teams were tied the entire time. and with 1 minute left of play, Sam scored.

"AAAHHH!!! IN YOUR FACE!" she teased us, jumping around like a little kid.

"Whatever." Niall shrugs.

"there's still 40 seconds left." I say, still playing.

I fake out Liam and Sam. the only thing between the goal and I is Harry, easy win. I go to fake Harry out but he slide tackles and wins the ball.

I stand there, shocked, as Harry dribbles away. Time runs out before they can actually score, but I'm still shocked.

"Where did you learn that?!" I ask Harry when the game is over. "I can't even slide tackle yet!"

"He learned from the best." Sam laughed, going on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

I roll my eyes as she continues to tease me.

"Yeah yeah whatever."

Sam's POV

"Now what're we gonna do?" I ask, pumped.

"Uh... go home?" Zayn says more as a question.

"What? no! it's so nice out!" I whine

"Fine. what do you want to do then?" Zayn retorts, rolling his eyes.

"I don't know... we should do something all together though."

"I got it!" Liam says "Let's play football!"

"We just played football..." Louis sasses

"Not that football... American football!" He says again.

We all agree but decided to make different teams.

I felt my phone buzz and checked it before we started playing again. It was a text from a blocked number...

Harry's POV

The teams were sam, Liam, and Zayn against Niall, Louis, and I.

"Alright. Niall mark Liam, Harry mark Zayn, and I'll mark Sam." Louis demands

"Um.. I think I should mark my girlfriend."

Lou thinks about it, then nods.

"Fine. but if she beats you I mark her. got it?" he asks, I nod.

We start and after a while, the other teams scores a touchdown.

"Mark Zayn." Louis says, walking over to me.

We get in position and start again. Niall's the QB, so he gets the ball and throws it too far behind Louis.

Sam intercepts the ball and heads towards the end zone, juking Niall out. Louis comes up from behind her and tackles her hard to the ground.

I hear her wince as she contacts the ground and I run over to where she is. I pull Louis off of her.

"Sam! are you okay, love?!" I ask, helping her up.

"Uh.. yeah.." she says, spitting out a chunk of dirt and brushing the dirt off of her clothes.

"Are you sure? you hit the ground pretty hard.."

"Harry I'm fine! I'm not a baby, so stop treating me like one!" she says, obviously ticked off.

She looks down at her dirty shoes.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to say that.." she looks back up to meet my eyes. "I know you just really care about me. I'm really sorry." she finishes and looks back down.

"It's okay." I lift her chin up to see her crying. "what's wrong?!" I ask, my eyes softening.

"My.. my mom..." she says between cries "she died"

"Oh my god. How do you know?!" I ask, embracing her.

"I got a text from her doctor before we started playing. I tried to hide it but I just took it out on you, and I'm really sorry for that." she says, still crying.

"Shhh, it's okay." I stroke the back of her hair.

"What's wrong?" Niall asks.

"Uh.. Sam hurt her... knee... I'll bring her home. you guys just come back when you're done playing."

"Alright. feel batter Sam!" he says, returning to the boys to tell them that we're going home.

I can't even imagine how Sam feels right now. I would be completely broken if my mum died.

"Harry..." Sam's starting to calm down.

"Yes love?"

"Now that my mom's... gone... I have no family..." she chokes on her words.

My eyes widen. Not only did her mom die, but now she has no family left.

"I'll be your family." I kiss her forehead, she smiles "one day we'll have a child and they'll have their own family. you'll see."

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