Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Aldo runs after him while squeezing his hand to stop the blood. Jackey picks up the speed and charges out the college door so does aldo. Just before you know it he loses  the sight of jackey. Aldo looks up at the sky and says its funny how friends change like the weather. They first be warm as the summer weather be can be as cold as the winter. Aldo looks down at his frost bit hand he see's his hands frozen as popsicles and sticky like tree sap and that he can see the white smoke coming from his mouth.

"Hey there!" Jackey! Aldo yelled with pant.  "You amateur," Jackey laughs so hysertically that he cant his breath. "Standing out here in the cold looking for me am I that special to you." Jackey slowly pulls out a cigarette and lights it with a lighter.  Jackey, Aldo yells. "How many times are you gonna say my name," jackey says blowing the smoke in Aldo's face. Aldo stood there while Jackey mocked him with his eye's there where cold  so cold that it sent a chill through aldo's body.

Jackey caress aldo's cheek and whisper's softely in his ear saying "I will kill everyone one by one for the truth and until my revenge is fullfilled especially you." Aldo's balls up his fist and stares jackey down. "I hate how you look  down on me aldo maybe if I snatched your eye's out maybe you wont be able to no more." That be a waste of my time wouldn't it Alessandro. Aldo turns around to see the person's face behind him. "Vievn" Aldo yells like he was a lost puppy that just found his mother. "Hey buddy what are you doing out here in the cold "said Viven. Viven put his long warm fingers though his hair like he was a dog. Aldo turned around to run after jackey. He was long gone with the wind. "Damn you Viven you got me distracted" Aldo says. Aldo tries to run off to search for jackey but Viven stops him by pulling him by the arm. "Wow your hand we should get that treated right away." Viven says shockly. 'I'm fine old man let me go worry about your saggy balls get some life style lift." "Just for saying that your coming with me. I know I just sounded like a rapist but I shall fuck you for punshiment with my saggy balls." Viven says with a scarastic laugh while he was dragging him to the car. During the ride Aldo kept singing do your balls hang low do they wobble to the floor. Aldo father doesnt understand he is high by  drugs his father is smoking.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~15 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Wait where are you taking me?" Aldo says with his left eye brow lifted. To  my place- "cough cough" aldo says to correct him. "Our place." Vivensays dragging his words. Before you ask why look outside. Aldo stared at the blistful snowing panting everything white and hears the quick wind swishing through the air. The tree's dancing in the wind naked with no leaves. The bare tree with a white shaden on it. The tree was moving if  like it was shaking like it was cold. "Does that answer your question.' viven said.

To be continued

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