I love you Skyler

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I woke up in my bunk, I Moaned as I got out of the bunk and shuffled my way into the living room to find Ben crying and Oliver and Danny trying to calm him down, they had tears in there eyes too. Ben's eyes lit up as he saw me 

"Skyler!" Ben said getting up and giving me a huge hug Oliver and Danny fallowing 

"We thought we lost you Sky." Danny said rubbing my back 

"How long was I out for?" I asked 

"About two hours love." Oliver replied

"I can't believe what just happened." I said tearing up as I rushed to the back room and threw myself on the bed

I'm never going to be safe, I am such a waste of space is all i could think of. I started to have the urge to cut but that quickly washed away as Ben came through the door

"Skyler..." He said so sweetly as he sat on the edge of the bed

"Ben i am such a mess right now, just leave me to bath in my depression." I  said as I shoved my face in a pillow

"No Sklyer I want to be here for you, so deal with it." Ben said laying down next to me

"I'm such a waste of space Ben." I said into the pillow

"No you are not Sklyer don't you dare say that about your self." He said as he rubbed my back

"No one cares about me, Zack was right I am worthless." I said looking into Ben's eyes as tears fell from my face

"Skyler I fucking care about you, god dammit i love you Skyler!" Ben said as his lips crashed agaist mine

"I love you too Ben." I said pulling away then kissing him again

"MY EYES AHHHH!!!" Destery and Nathan yelled as they left the room

I started to laugh in the middle of the kiss, I pulled away as Ben started to laugh as well

"Skyler can I ask you something?" Ben said looking at the floor

"Yes." I said smiling knowing he was going to ask me out

"Will you g-" I interrupted him with a kiss  

"I guess that was a yes then?" Ben said grinning

"Oh yeah." I said kissing him 

"Ben are you cheating on me!" Danny jokingly  yelled as he put his hands on his hips 

"Sorry man this girl is really hot." Ben said grabbing me and pulling me on his lap and kissing me hard

"You fucking bastard!" Danny cried in a high pitched voice and strutting away like a girl

"Love you too babe!!" Ben yelled out 

I laughed so fucking hard that I fell off of Ben's lap and onto the floor

"Be careful love." Ben said helping me back up

"You still are hurting Hun." He said pointing to my bandaged wrist  

"Did i get hurt really bad?" I asked because i don't know what happened

"You have a few bruises and a broken wrist, that's about It Sky." He said cupping my face

"I can still sing yes!" I said jumping up and down

"People want to see you lets go back out into the living room."  He said grabbing my free hand 

"Alright." I said walking behind Ben 

As I walked into the living room Austin and Kellin were sitting on the couch talking 

"SKY!" Austin said running up hugging me 

"Hey there bud." I said laughing 

"OMG Kellin Quinn is sitting on my couch!!" I screamed like a little fan girl jumping up and down, I was a big SWS fan when i went through abuse there music really helped me get through that alive

"Calm down hun." Ben said holding me in place 

"I'm sorry Kellin I'm a big fan as you can already tell." I said calming down

"Its ok Skyler thats your name right?" Kellin said getting up walking over to me 

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