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Jc's POV

After the Megan told us to follow her. First we had to finish meeting people. Luckly we were almost done. I felt so bad for her. She looked so destroyed. It was already 6:23 but it was already dark.

"Hey um so are we there yet?" I ask a sort of whine. "Almost" She said a smirk on her lips. It was a scary smirk. I felt uneasy.

" Hey theres a store. Ima get her a teddy bear" Sam said. "NO"  she screamed. We looked at her confused. "I mean um no theres no need. Seeing you guys is good enough." she quickly said. Somethings not right.

Sam gave her a puzzled look and walks to the store. Her face turns to worry.

We keep walking.

"we there yet" Trevor complained. She smiles and says "yes".  But theres no hospital near here.

We walk into this ally. It pitch dark. I feel this tension. My steps become slower. Then I see 7 figures coming our way. As they go closer I see guys. They are all  wearing black hoodies. They are buff. They stop once they reach us. I stop and take some steps back.

"hello" one says with a smirk. "uhh hi?" Ricky says. "Do you need something" I ask. I look at the guys. Kian looks scared. I turn to Megan. Shes smiling.

"Yes actually we do need something and we can get it from him" The same guy says pointing at Kian. I look at him puzzled. Kian looks like hes going to piss his pants. "um Kian do you know these guys?" I say. " yes he does. Right Kian?" Im confused. How does Kian know them? Why does Kian know them? Who are they? What do they want?

"Kian……" Ricky says. "uhh. I… I dont know them" he wispers. "UM EXCUSE ME!" another guy says looking more buff then the others. Kian tenses up. "you got the wrong guy. I dont know you" He says but one guys interups by grabbing his shoulders and pushing him to the wall. What the hell??!?  I hear Kian scream. The guy starts punching him. My first reaction was to go up to the guy and pull him off. Woops that was not a good idea.

"What the hell dude. He said he doesnt know you!" I said. Woops another not so smart idea. He looks at me ,his dead , cold eyes looking at me like hes mentally murdering me. He grabs my collar and says " Dont mess with my nigga." then punches my jaw. The pain shot up my body because my jaw was recovering from the Kian punch. Dammit Kian! Ricky steps closer his fist ready to punch. But the other guys come closer too, their fist also ready to punch. Ohhhh snappp this isnt going to end good.


cliff hanger woop woop. I finally got over my writers block, hopefully. but yea OMG US TOUR HECK YEA!! BTW follow my fan acc on insta @cutieecaylen

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