"Tracy, it's Phil."

"Phil, where the hell are you guys? I'm freaking out."

"Yeah, listen, uh... we fucked up."

"What are you talking about?"

"The bachelor party. The whole night. It's... Things got out of control and, uh... we lost Doug."


I could just imagine the look on her face, which made me even more sad. This was supposed to be her perfect day and we ruined because of our little road trip.

"We can't find Doug."

"What are you saying, Phil? We're getting married in five hours."

"Yeah... that's not gonna happen," Phil said looking around.

Let me take you through the past 24 hours.

"No Stu."


"No. It's a bachelor party... meaning guys only," I said to my older brother through the phone.

"Alan's going to be coming along..."


"So...I want you to come with us. Please?"

I sighed with annoyance, "Fine. When do I have to be ready?"

"In a couple of hours."

"Alright bye."

I hung up on him before he could say bye.

Why me?

I went up to my room and got ready.

A couple of hours went by until I heard a car horn in front of my house. I looked out and saw Doug in a Mercedes. I grabbed my bag, locked the house up, and went to the car.

"Hey there Harper."

"Hey Doug."

"Hi Harper."

"Hi Alan, how are you guys?" I asked as I put my bag in the trunk.

"I'm excited that I'm getting married."

"I'm excited that we're going on a road trip and Doug will be my brother after he marries my sister..."

I got in the car and Doug went to pick up my brother or Phil. I ignored Alan because he started rambling about some cartoon that he watched. About 25 minutes later we pulled up to a school, not just any school but the school that Phil works at.

"Did you have to park so close?"

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Doug asked Alan curiously.

"I shouldn't be here."

"Why is that, Alan?" I asked.

"I'm not supposed to be within two hundred feet of a school... or a Chuck E. Cheese."

Doug looked at me in the rear view when I looked at him with my eyebrows furrowed and I mouthed 'what?' and he just shrugged his shoulders. Pretty soon we heard a familiar voice.

"It's the weekend, Budnick. I don't know you. You do not exist."

What a great teacher you are.

"Shit. Nice car." Phil said and threw his bag into the car.

His stupid bag almost hit me but Doug caught it in time.

"Thank you Doug."

"No problem."

"I'm driving," Phil declared.

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