Dark Fang

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Moon Spark~~~~~~~~~

It has been two moons since they kicked Dark Fang from Dark Pack, and I was waiting in front of the nursery walking from side to side,it was midday, It was very cold outside, then Blue Spots came out, "You may go inside" she said, I nodded, and then I entered

There was Wolf Fang, and three little pups with her, the first I saw was an orange one with a red tail, the second was white with yellow ears, and the last one was black with grey paws, I licked Wolf Fang behind her ears, and then she pushed the puppies closer to her with her back paw

I went to the fresh-kill pile and brought her a rabbit "Thanks Moon Spark" she said, she got up to eat her rabbit, and the pups began to scream, so she hurried up to eat it and lyed down again,

I went outside very happy, I had three pups, and they were healthy and safe,then I went to the apprentice den where Lion Paw lyed "Hi Lion Paw" "Hi Moon Spark", "Today I will assign you a mentor!" I said ,then he got up "R-really? Thanks!" then he ran out of the den and ran to the nursery,

I followed him and entered, he was asking Wolf Fang what names would the pups have "I think this one will be Fire Paw," she said looking at the orange one, "I think this one should be Star Tail" I said looking at the white pup "And this one?" Lion Paw asked "This one shall be Black Heart" Wolf Fang said, "Come on Lion Paw, its almost time for your ceremony," I finally said

The apprentice ran like the wind to the High Rock, I howled and said "Everyone join me in the High Rock!" All the dogs came from all the camp, "Today, we will give Lion Paw a new mentor," Everyone howled loudly "So Lion Paw, your new mentor will be me" The apprentice stared at me with big eyes

"R-really?" then to end the ceremony we touched noses, Everyone started saying "Lion Paw!" "Lion Paw!" later I took him to his den, After talking with Freeze about Dark Tail, I went to the nursery where Wolf Fang was, I looked at the pups, they were sleeping soundly

I licked them, and then I went to my den, but something worried me, what if the profecy was right, and what if Dark Fang had stolen Wind Moon´s pups, and Fire Paw, Star Tail and Black Heart had to battle against them, Those thoughts went through my head all night until, I fell asleep, I was in another dream

At a dark forest, when a black shadow appeared, I recongnised him in an instant, It was Dark Fang,but he was taking four pups, they were red and black,exept for the third and the fourth which were white and gold, Until he appeared at some sort of camp, there, a white and gray dog received him, they both toched noses

and then Dark Fang left the pups in a den, "These pups, will help me invade Star Pack, and get my revenge, with Moon Spark" Then the same blue dog appeared, he looked at me, and said in his deep voice "You shall save the white pups, before it is too late Moon Spark," "May Star Clan show you the right path" "Good Luck" and then, the dream vanished, I woke up really scared, I knew where that was, 

It was at the Shadow Forest, Not too far from here, so I ran to the apprentice den and woke up Lion Paw, when I explained my plan to him, we went to the warriors den, took Spike with us, and ran to the Dark Forest where I had seen Dark Fang in my dream, 

And there he was, he was walking out of the camp, then we sneaked in a bush, and entered into the camp, we entered the place where the pups were,and grabbed the white one, and we heard barks from behind, I didnt have time but to pick the two white pups, and we got running out of there

When we got to the camp, I thanked Spike and Lion Paw, and went to the nursery, there was Wolf Fang and my pups "Wolf Fang, im sorry to disturb you, but we rescued these two pups from Dark Fang, could you take care of them?" I asked "Sure," she grabbed the two pups and licked them

"Dont worry Moon Spark, they will be safe here" she said, I nodded and looked a last time the pups,then I went outside, I had made it, I could save the two pups from Dark Fang, and I had mine, I thanked Star Clan for that, and I entered my den

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