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Chapter 1

My name is Kelsey am 18 years old .

I live with my older brother Chris .

I mean my life is hard then it is .

Every time I see his face .

My heart raising .

I walk through the halls and try to hide from him but I can't .

He sees me .

His eyes looks at me with darkness .

I feel breathe taking .

That guy is DANGEr

Him and his group

Are dangerous then ever .

This my story of what change my life ....

They call him danger but know as Jason .

His brother is Justin

He's way different then Jason .

This were it all begin ....

In joy

I woke up to the sounds of my brother music . I really didn't wanna wake up .

I got out of my bed and headed to my bathroom .

I wash my face and teeth .

I com my hair and strained it .i go to my closet and change to nice shirt and jens . Today was Monday . Like any other day .

I finally finished getting ready .

Once when I was done I walk down stairs and grab a apple to go. I start walking down the streets .

I finally reach my school .

I said to my self

"Agh here is a other day of school "

I rolled my eyes and catch up with my friends ..

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