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Sameere ---------------->

Sameere's POV

"How the hell do I pass on my right as vampire lord to you when you wont even have any children?!" I stare at my dad as if he just shot my mate. "Sameere I-" I stop him with a warning growl and he looks at me shocked.

  If only I knew how to control my anger. "Just be a fucking man and say it to my face. 'I hate you cause your a fagot!' Its not that hard."           

    With that I storm out of the house and run as far as I can till I ran into someone. With a sweet blooded scent. Louis, the hottest guy in school.

Louis's POV

  I smelt my mate and ran after it. I've smelt it before but never could figure out who of was. All of a sudden I run into someone. My mate.

  Its that one guy from school, the one with telecaneace. So the wolf gods wanted me to be gay? He is just staren at me as if I'm the most fascinating thing in the world. What's his name, I gotta remember so I don't sound like a total fucking moron.

  "Sameere, wait, I'm sorry." Sameere is his name, I like it. I hear a hiss and the man backs away. " listen to me, you have to understand. If your mate is a girl then what? You gonna reject h-" " I already know who my mate is and I already turned her down."

  He's lying, why is he lying? "Why the hell would you do tha-" Sameere cuts him off. "I don't need you to tell me what's wrong with me, have April take control. She would be an amazing alpha till she gets her mate and be a luna. If you can't accept me for who I am then you can suck my dick for all I care I'm done with this shit." Damn, he's hot when he's pissed.

  He looks at me sympothy in his eyes. 'shit sorry I didn't mean to do that infront of you, I'm just super pissed.' Wow, he really is my mate. I just sit there and stair at him. He runs away so fast, that he's just a blur.

Fuck I want him, SO BAD, but can't. I just will have to hide it.

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