Chapter 5

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~Chapter 5~

Before I was able to react, Destiny fell to the floor in a dull thud. I stood frozen for a second looking at her body lying limply on the floor. My eyes widened. When I could finally feel my body, I got down on my knees and grabbed her body into my arms.

"LIAM!" I yelled, as tears threatened to fall.

If I was paying attention, I would have heard the lads stampeding up the staircase like elephants, but I wasn't. I didn't even notice that they had came up the stairs, until Liam spoke.

"N-niall? What happened?" Liam asked, trying to stay calm.

"I-I d-don't k-k-know! S-she just sort of p-passed out!" I cried.

Confusion. That's what I felt. Why had she just passed out? Then I thought of something. My eyes widened, even more than before,. I looked at the lads, they seemed confused by my expression. Shaking off the lads' confusion, I reached for Destiny's wrist. Maybe she lost too much blood!?

"Niall! What are you doing?"

I heard one of the lads say, but my mind was too focused on Destiny to know who. I had to know if this was the reason. I just had to figure this out!

When I finally got her sleeve to roll up, I saw she had wrapped it in gauze. Only, the gauze was now stained with crimson liquid, making it appear not white, but a very dark crimson red color. She was losing a lot of blood. I stared at the gauze, too consumed in my shock to do anything. Thankfully, the lads weren't, as what seemed like hours yet only like seconds, I heard the sounds of an ambulance coming closer to our flat.


I couldn't seem to focus on anything. Images passed me by, like ghosts, going way to fast for me to actually see them, and almost transparent, also. It didn't seem real. Almost like it was a movie. A really stupid horror movie. You know, the ones were the lead girl does the most stupid things and almost dies? 

Around me, the voices and words seemed to mash together, making it impossible to understand what was going on. I could make out small words like







I kept wondering, what had happened?


After the Ambulance had taken Destiny to the Hospital, I could stop thinking about all the different possibilities. For all I know, she could have lost too much blood, or there could be other things wrong. With her living the life she had, being abused and mistreated by her father, there could be something he did that had harmed her. I was just really hoping she wouldn't die. I know I barely know her, but I want to get the opportunity to.

I continued pacing, not wanting to sit still. The lads all had a look of worry on their faces, but I didn't know if that was for Destiny or me. As they have known me for the past couple years, will they have known Destiny for a couple days. Shaking those thoughts away, I kept pacing.

"Ni, just... just sit down please?" Liam asked, quietly.

"No, Liam. I can't sit still, not until I know what has and is going to happen to Destiny!" I said in a frustrated tone.

"I know you are close to her, Niall, but stay calm, the Doctor will tell us what has happened and what will happen next, as soon as he can," Louis pitched in.

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