Im a Hostage

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Ayala was in the middle of the woods playing truth or dare with Natsu and Gray. And pushed them down a well for their dare but after she did a mysterious person kidnapped her.




I woke up to two people arguing over...ME!? So I decided to still pretend to sleep and listen.

"Don't You ever try and dare touch her again." -Ren

"Dude don't you see how Hot she is though." -Random guy

*I know I am ha ha*

"Your just the person who gets her food your in no place to touch her." -Ren

"I'm making no promises-"

I felt something splat on me and the random guy stopped talking. So I decided to open my eyes at that point an tell him off when I saw that Ren had stabbed him in the stomach. And had his hand over his mouth, Im guessing to not wake me up. I wanted to see if the liquid on my face was what I thought and it was. It was that guys blood all over my face. The smell of it triggered my darker side. I felt that it was coming up but, I promised Blake that I wouldn't let it out. I had to calm myself down and quickly the blood was not helping.

"Oh did I wake you. I'm guessing that he saw my shadows coming out because he put that thing around me again."So me doing this is getting your other side excited." -Ren

"...Shut...Up.." I manage to spit out.

"Doesn't it feel like old times Ayala. All that we're missing is Blake and then our old team would be complete." -Ren

"What are you talking...about." I was finally starting to calm down.

"Oh how stupid of me to forget you wanted me to lock both of your memories away. So you two would be able to infiltrate Fairy Tail but I guess that I locked away to much memory.

"What! I know that we were to infiltrate Fairy Tail but it was to find clues about how our parents were assassinated."

" Memory Lock is way more powerful than I thought. I had only just started using it. Ayala your parents were assassinated but that was when you and Blake were 13. And the both of you killed the people responsible already. Your parents were in a Dark Guild and so were the three of us. We were known as team Shadow the youngest team of assassins in the Guild." -Ren

"That's a lie because the first time I killed someone was when I was 15." Ren started walking towards me and I wanted to move back but I couldn't. Ren slit a little line in the middle of his hand open and put it up to my head and said...

"Don't be afraid of me...Memory Unlock."

And all of my memories came rushing into my head. And I saw that I was 13 when I first killed somebody. The three of us actually were a team and we had fun doing our jobs. Then I saw that I had been in a Guild before. I saw that I use to have a little crush on Ren. All the other things Ren had earlier mentioned was all

true."No...this cant be it seemed so real but it was just all a lie. Do you know just how much pain you gave little shit."

"It wasn't supposed to take most of your memories and screw them up." Ren started coming closer to kiss me but I spit in his face. He was about to slap me when someone came in.

"Sir...they're here."

"So they finally come let them in." Ren said with a evil smirk on his face.

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