Whatever People Say I AmThat's What I Am Not.

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As soon as the bell rang I sprinted out of the room."Hey. Wait up!" somebody shouted behind me. I quickened my pace, looking back to see if anybody was looking for me."UMPH."I walked straight into a wall of muscle. "Ugh, move please." I said warily, while waving my hand.The wall of muscle shook with laughter. I rolled my eyes and turned to walk around the person. I really didn't have time for this today. Suddenly my wrist was in the person's stong grip. "Ow, what the fuck. Let go.NOW." I began to raise my voice. The person was wearing a hood and I couldn't see their face. My stomach fell. I didn't know who this was. It could've been somebody who wanted to hurt me or it could have been Trent playing a trick. I shivered as the person lowered their lips to my ear.

"Don't resist sweetheart. Resistance is futile. Resistance will piss me off and I will rip your arm out of it's socket if I have to." They breathed next to my ear. I shivered and wimpered trying to pull away slightly. I winced as pain shot up my arm as they pulled harder on my wrist. "Let.Me.Go.Chris." I snarled as I tried to claw him. He smirked and picked me up carrying me down the deserted hallway and out into the parking lot. We walked up to an old navy blue SUV and I chuckled.

"What? No white SUV? What kind of kidnapper doesn't have a white SUV? Isn't that like necessary?" I said. Chris threw a glare at me and licked his lips tugging my arm harder. I winced. He really couldn't take a joke. "Look, I have no clue what you're doing here but if you let me go I won't call the police." I stated looking at Chris while jerking out of his grip. He stood there and crossed his arms. His dark green eyes clouded over as he growled deep in his throat.

"Just shut the fuck up and get into the damn car already." He took a step towards me and I jumped back in surprise. I shook my head vigorously my blue hair getting into my eyes. He sighed and picked me up, threw open the car door and tossed me inside. "HEY. I DID NOT AGREE TO THIS MISTER. THIS IS KIDNAPPING. MY PARENTS WILL KILL YOU." I shouted. He got into the driver's side laughing.

"Jeez. You never change do you? You were always dramatic." He said his eyes sparkling. I looked over at him my mouth open. I took in his pale blonde hair and jawline. He looked over and saw me staring at him."Uhm. You gonna stare at me like that the entire ride? Because honestly. It's a little creepy."

"Shut up." I retorted."I'm just making sure I remember your face so when they have me pick you out of the line at the police station I don't pick your brother."He rolled his eyes and pointed at himself.

"There's no way in hell you would ever confuse me for my brother. I'm far hotter than he." I snorted and rolled my eyes.

"Yeah and I'm a magical unicorn who likes to eat-"


"Precisely my point Chrissydearest."

"Excuuuse me?"

"You heard me. Now tell me where the hell we are going"


"Pardon me? You don't even know where I live Chris."

"I meant home as in the foster home you lived in for what? 4 years?"

"Chris....I can't go there."I tried to open the door. It didn't budge. I turned and glared at Chris, my eyes starting to water."Chris. Turn the car around please." I begged. He looked over at me, his eyes softening.

"No. You're going to come back and see Izzy for her birthday and then I will return you to your luxurious life." He said his eyes hardening, he clenched his jaw and gripped the steering wheel at the last part. I shied into the corner.

"It's Izzy's birthday. I forgot." I whispered quietly.

"Yeah. I know. You forgot about a lot of things." Chris said sharply. "What happened to you?"

"I don't know what-You wouldn't understand" I muttered.

"You're right. I wouldn't. Because you cut me out of your life when you left. You didn't even say goodbye to me." His eyes watered a bit.

"I-I'm sorry. I thought it would be easier for me to go." I said quietly, putting my hand on his arm. His jaw slackened.

"You know, people used to think that you were this amazing girl who had a heart of gold. I just don't see it anymore."

"Well, people at my school think I'm a raging bitch who stabs people for fun. But whatever people say I am,that's what I am not." I said jokingly.

"Well yeah- I can see why...are those real tattoos?" He asked surprised.

"Nah. Only a couple. Most of them are just really good temporary ones.How is Izzy?" I asked quickly.His eyes widened at my question before slitting like a snake.

"You didn't send Izzy a gift this year. She cried and thought you forgot about her."

"You know I wouldn't forget about Izzy. I have pictures of her in my room on my mirror. She's an amazing girl."

"Yeah, you can tell her that to her face. And then you can explain why you left her there in that hellhole while you live in a mansion without a care in the world." Tears spilled out of my eyes upon hearing these words spoken with such venom. I turned my head to the window.

"I didn't have much choice Chris."

"You always had a choice. You just took the easy road." His voice was getting huskier and we both fell silent.

Author's note:

So hi. How's it going'?

Nobody reads this story but me which is okay I guess.... So yeah.

Fun fact: I'm 17 there ya go.

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