Ch. 2 Ryder, Bella And A Messy Hallway

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So here's chapter 2 after such a long wait, I hope you enjoy it

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The Unknown II

Skylar's POV

"Sooo.... What did he say that's got you shaken up?" I looked at Darius sighing

"His exact words were 'I'm new here and baby girl you'll be mine'" it took him a moment to process what I said before he blew up

"HE SAID WHAT!?!? That's it I'm marking you and you'll be safe away from him" he yelled after I told him

"Darius I am not letting you mark me" he looks at me trying not to lose his temper his eyes flicking from their normal blue to black

"Why the hell not! He's fucking crazy, I can't let anything happen to you, your MINE!" I look at him rolling my eyes

"I can take care of myself and you know that. I will wait until my 18th birthday like I've always planned" that's when his eyes turned black and he lost control all of his wolf

"Skylar I'm not taking any chances with you I can't lose you!" I sighed walking up to him

"Darius..." I try with no answer

"Darius..." Still no answer

"Ryder!!" He looks up at me growling in his throat

"you have to calm down please" I whisper only to have him shake his head and walk closer to me

'Skylar let me talk to him' Bella, my wolf spoke in my head

'No Bella, remember what happened the last time you two spoke??' She sighed

'Im the only one who can calm him down and you know it' I roll my eyes

'Fine' I say before letting her take over

"Bella?" She stared at Ryder rolling her eyes

"You have to calm down your making a big deal out of nothing" he growled pulling her/me to his chest

"You're mine!!" She sighed hugging him back

"Ryder calm down" his eyes turned to their original color and Bella gave back my control

I turned my back to him and walking down the hallway only for him to grab my wrist

"Sky, I lost control. Just please don't be mad at me I'm sorry" I nodded and continued walking out the door towards his car

Wyatt's POV (new guy)

I saw that guy I think his name was Darius walking down the hallway towards the door after her

"Hey dick!" He slowly turned around looking at me raising his eyebrow

"Is there a problem?" I smirked walking to him

"Yes actually it seems as though you are a little close to my girl, it would be appreciated if you would back off her" I saw his eyes change before I threw my binder and took off

I looked over my binder to she paper shredded to bits and him on my tail, I really didn't think this through

He lunged at me taking me to the ground he punched me in the face then stood over me

"Don't let me catch you talking to her or about her, matter of fact don't even think about her" I was actually afraid but I didn't show it

I got up wiping the blood of my face I didn't see his fist coming toward me till it was too late and I was back on the floor

He was about to hit me again till we both froze hearing that sweet voice

Skylar's POV

It's been 10 minutes and he still hasn't come out so I decided to go look for him

As soon as I walked in the door I saw paper shredded everywhere and knew that wasn't a good sign

I ran down the hallway to see the new guy on the floor clutching his face and Darius standing next to him

"Hey" I yelled seeing Darius was about to hit him again.

They both froze looking towards me as I walked the rest of the way down the hall

"Damn that looks like it hurts.... A lot" I said looking at the bruise that's forming on the new guys face

"You don't say" he said sarcastically standing up

"What's your name?" He looked at me smirking

"What's it to you baby girl?" Ryder growled and I shook my head placing my hand in front of him

"Just need to know what to write on your grave stone" his eyes widened before he tried to cover it up

"It's Wyatt" I rolled my eyes walking away from him and turning to Ryder

"Hey Ryder can I talk to Darius for a quick moment? Please" his eyes turned blue and I knew he was back

"When we get home I'm breaking your pinky and I'm going to enjoy it" he raised his eyebrow looking at me

"What why?" I smirked pointing to where Wyatt was standing

"I believe that entails fighting" his eyes widened

"Well shit" I smirked grabbing my bag walking down the hallway

"Come on already I'm hungry and I have a pinky to break" he smiled putting his arm over my shoulder

As we walked to the door I grabbed what was left of the binder and chucked it down the hallway

"Hey Wyatt" he turned just in time for it to hit him upside the head

"Don't call me baby girl" I smirked walking back to Darius and walking out the door

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