I'll play the player

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*beep beep beep beep*

My alarm gose of I'm so not excited it's my first day at a new school I hate being the new girl and I don't know anyone how bad is that  see before I lived in Florida  then my mom and dad split up so I'm with my mom to California ugh I hate it .... well I guess I have to get dress I have a dress that is tight on the top and flows down to my mid thigh  it's cotton candy  pink  and I put my long Brown hair down and put a hot pink flower crown on with putting black wages on I guess it's time to go it's going to be so fun note the sarcasm

*skipping drive to school *

I pull into the parking lot  stepping out of my bright red porsh my mom and dad are lawyers so you can say my parents are rich  while walking out everyone Is looking at me especially guys half of them have girlfriend trying to get their  attention I walk to the front office to see a woman with blonde hair and sky blue eyes about in her mid 30's  "umm excuse me?" I ask quietly "yes what can I help you with  dear?" She asked "well it's my first day here my name is Rosey   Hernandez " I say "ahh yes here's your schedule and enjoy your first day at skyland high " I nod and walk out  well my schedule is math ew I hate math then free period ,chemistry,L.A.,art sweet!,lunch and lastly history  can't be that hard ok I go down the hallway it find my locker its number 171 I finally find it put in the combination 2-14-1 easy as pie *bell gose off* well off to math  I sit in a random seat next to this girl with black Hair and dark blue tips at the end of her hair we have a similar outfit except she has a purple dress I look down at my book to fell a tap on my shoulder to see the girl looking at me "you stole my outfit !" She yell "I-i-i-m"I strutted out she bursts out laughing "I'm just kidding it's nice to know someone else knows how to dress around her " she says while smileing " I'm Madeleine but everyone calls my baby or maddie  "  she says putting our her had for me to shake  I shake her hand and say" I'm rosy " she was going to say something but then a man with blackish grayish hair walk in  he looks about 37-50 years old I can't tell *skipping math * yay it's free period  I go sit on a bench to see  maddie I walk up to her and say "hey I don't know anyone's name or anything but you so can we hang out ?and so I can know the school better" "yeah sure" she says calmly  we walk to my locker talking about candy next thing I know I'm pushed into a locker I look up and see an HOT boy with light brown hair  and baby blue eyes "my I help you ?" I say with an attitude "yes you can by being in my  bed tonight he says while winking "ew how bout no " I say while pushing him off and walking to maddie grab her hand and walk off leaving him standing there "who tf is that guy?!" I scream to her "that is Aron  Lopez he's the school player every girl wants him " she say I just nodded and thought off somethin I saw on Tumblr  it was so I heard you're a player . So let's play a game Let's sweet talkLet's play fightLet's talk 24/7Let's tell each other good morning and good night everydayLet's take walks togetherLet's give each other nicknamesLet's hang out with each other's friendsLet's go on datesLet's talk on the phone all night longLet's hold each otherLet's kiss and hugAnd whoever falls in love first...Loses. we'll he's worth playing it with and is probably good but I bet I'm better I'll brake him just wait and see

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