"Riker?" I whispered when a sliver of light from the hallway split the darkness of the room. The entirety Lynch family was spending the night because my flight was at 5:30am and they wanted to be there when I boarded. I was sleeping on the floor next to my bed because Rydel was sleeping in my bed. Cassie was sleeping in her bed on the other side of me. The boys were supposed to sleep downstairs but mom had given Ross permission to sleep with Cassie, since Rydel and I were also in the room and she knew they wouldn't try anything. 

"Come on," he whispered. I wiggled out of my sleeping bag and followed him. The clock on my nightstand told me it was 2am. He led me outside to his family's van. When he opened it to let me inside, I was beyond words. There were candles and blankets set up all around; candles bordering the perimeter and blankets all in the middle. I wondered when he had time to set this up...  As I stepped in and sat down in the center, Riker walked around me, lighting the candles. He sat down across from me and held my hands in his. I bit my lip. 

"Riker this is amazing," I said softly. 

He shrugged. "You do what you can with what you've got..." I laughed a little. "Lilly, I love you so much. And even if you don't want to be with me, I just want to spend one more night with you. You're leaving in the morning and I don't want to let you go without having one last moment to remember."

"This is perfect," I said, my eyes brimming with hot tears.

We sat in the van and talked and talked and talked for what seemed like hours. He was being extremely careful to respect my boundaries. I was being really careful not to give in completely and throw myself at him. Eventually, I couldn't stand it anymore. 

"Riker, I love you so much." I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He stiffened for a half of a second but then melted back toward me. His tongue found mine and explored my mouth. I leaned backward and he followed, laying on top of me. His hands ran up and down my body and one slipped into my pajama top; I wasn't wearing a bra. I gasped softly when his warm hands hit my skin. Goosebumps rippled over my body.

He pulled away. "I'm sorry. A-are you okay with this?" 

I nodded slowly.

"How far are you comfortable going?" he asked, tentatively. "I don't want to do anything that will make you uncomfortable. I'm not here to take advantage of you..."

I bit my lip. I was nervous. The problem wasn't that this would be my first time. (I wasn't proud to admit I'd lost my virginity at 15)  But it would be my first time with Riker. It would change everything.

"I'm ready.." I relaxed and sighed, bringing his hand back up my shirt. He smirked and kissed me again, this time, slowly starting to undress the both of us. First my top went. Then his. Then my shorts and his jeans. He used two fingers to rub my through my pastel green thong. I pulled down his boxers and wrapped my fingers around his length. 

His bare skin against mine, in the most intimate of places... The tingle of his fingertips against my hipbones as they slowly trailed down to my wet heat. After some tender rubbing, he inched my underwear down to my ankles and dove his fingers inside me without hesitation.

"Oh god," I gasped, gripping his shoulder and digging my nails into his skin. His fingers were so long and, god, he mustve had experience with them.

He smirked, pumping his fingers slowly. "You like that?" 

I gulped and nodded.

"Hold on," He said. He continued to rub and pump. He ran his fingers- now dripping wet- up and down my body again, sending shivers down my spine. I could feel his rock hard erection, pressed against my stomach, when he layed on top of me. "God you are so perfect. I wish I could "

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