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Sleeping right now for me is pretty much impossible.

I've been lying down here on Gabe's bed (not with him, obviously. I'm with Sierra. We're going to be sleeping in his room, just in case you forgot that arrangement) trying to fall asleep, but I can't. I sang song lyrics in my head, I played games on my phone, heck, I even tried the counting sheep method. But nothing's working.

I think it's the time difference. It's merely 4:00 a.m. now (Yes, I have been up since I decided to go to bed at like midnight) and back home in Springfield it would only be 2:00 a.m. After my meltdown at the party back at Jessie's house, I really wanted to just go home. After convincing Sierra, Jessie, and Rhea I was fine, Zach took me home because I was pretty much not in the mood at all and I knew that if I stayed, I would create some kind of problem. So that was around midnight.

Sierra, Gabe, and Luke finally decided to show up and come home maybe an hour or two ago. Rhea and Jessie stayed at her house and Zach stayed here with me after dropping me off. I think he was scared I was going to harm myself or something, which I wouldn't do. I'm feeling pretty sad that Connor isn't here and such, but I don't feel bad enough to physically do something harmful. But he stayed, nonetheless, unconvinced.

So anyway, everyone's home now all safe and sound and sleeping, except for me. Deciding that laying here forcing myself to sleep is useless, I get up. My plan is to go downstairs and raid the kitchen and just watch T.V. in the living room. Before I follow that plan, though, I go over to my suitcase, which I still yet have to unpack, and picked up the first hoodie that I could find. I put it on myself as I quietly slipped out the door.

As I'm walking along the hallway to get to the bathroom, I bump into someone on the way, my head hitting their chest. Mind you that it's dark, so I can't see, but I'm assuming it's only Gabe, Zach, or Luke since they're the only other people here. Or it could be Jorge or Tina as well. "Sorry", I mumbled, walking right past whoever it was.

But I stopped in my tracks when I heard the voice behind me say, "Andy?"

That's the first time I've ever heard his voice since we both left Orlando for home. Now that I'm hearing it, it almost seems unreal.

"Connor?", I asked as I whirled around.

"Uh, yeah. It's me", he confirms.

What do you when you're in the same room with your so called ex-boyfriend and lover forever? Can I google that? Would there even be an answer to that question? Cause I honestly don't know. We haven't been talking ever since Orlando and now it puts us both in an awkward position.

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