4th day of X-mas

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Aaron's POV

So bored! there is nothing to do in this house. I can't do anything without Mark. Why does he still work when it's near the holiday! I crossed my arms and just watched time go by.

"Uhg, how come this clock doesn't move any faster!" I dropped my arms on the couch and breathed out slowly. My body felt so energized that all I could do was tap my foot on the ground repeatably till my leg gave out. That took 45 minutes sadly."might as well do something else!" I shouted and stood straight up from the leather couch.

My legs stomped around the floor looking for something to do, but it seems Mark is very tidy. I looked in the kitchen to find zero dishes out. I sighed and looked down the hallway to find again a clean floor. I looked around his bathroom and found that the trashcan needed to be emptied. So I grabbed the rim of the cylinder and pulled off the plastic bag. It was full of everyday trash and etc. , but one thing caught my eye. It was red ribbon with shiny circles on the inside. Must be some sort of gift? I thought to myself while tying a knot.

After going out of the cold, I continued this tidy act and walked to the end of the hall where Mark was sleeping at. Was he really sleeping on the floor. Must hurt your back. I found pop cans and dirty clothes on the floor plus a plate with crumbles.

Once I was done with Mark's mess, I again looked around the house to find nothing to clean or do. There is no car or way of transportation anywhere and I don't want to walk out in the cold. So I again watched the clock to find that I spend 4 boring hours doing nothing beside clean.

"4 boring hours on the 4th day of christmas" I sighed letting the air from my lungs escape to make a quiet sound. A mutter if you will.

Meh- well that was a borin chapter right! HBR #)

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