Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Present Time | Harry's Point of View.

"So? Where is she?" He smiles and I stand in disbelief.

"You should be dead." He chuckles.

"So I should. That's why i'm here. I haven't seen my daughter in a very long time. I figured it's time to reach out." He smiles and I couldn't help but notice Alex looked a lot like him. Now I see the eyes and the nose.

"So? Where's my little girl?" He raises his eyebrows.

"Mr. Becker-"

"Call me Jon." He smiles.

"Uh. Jon, I'm afraid you should've come a lot sooner." I scratch the back of my neck.

"And why is that?" He genuinely looks confused and I dread what's coming next.

"Alex isn't here." I say.

"You mean.. She doesn't live here? Have you two err.. What's it called.. Went your separate ways?" His accent is thick.

"Not exactly." I pause. "Jon. Alex isn't alive anymore."

His face goes pale and he looks like someone has just shot him in the chest.

"I don't understand." He says in disbelief.

"Please come in." He steps in and sits down on my couch. He's fidgety and I chalk that up to him being nervous.

"Please explain. This is a joke?" He says his voice is low.

I shake my head. "Alex died of cancer a few months ago."

"Bloody hell. And of course Marie doesn't contact me." He looks enraged.

"I don't think she could've." I mumble and he raises his eyebrows.

"She died too. A few months before Alex."

He shakes his head and buries his face into his hands. I take this as a moment to comfort him.

"What was she like?" He whispers barely audible.

"Well." I whisper. "She looks like a lot like you. But very very beautiful. She was blonde when I met her but died her hair about my color. She looked stunning either way. We never liked each other until one day when I crossed the line with her. She's got a temper too. And she used to box. She had the biggest smile and she's got this crooked one when you argued with her. She was brilliant. She knew just about everything and always saw the best in people. I actually remember one time..

Past Time | Harry's Point of View

"Who. The. Fuck." I spat at no one in particular getting angry.

She didn't answer me pretending she didn't hear me. This meant more to me than she thought.

"Alexandra Becker. I swear to god.."

"Max." Max she breathed out. Praying that I didn't hear her. I picked up a nearby vase and threw it across the room hitting the wall making her jump

"How. The. Fuck." I can't even put words together I'm too upset. Sometimes she hated this about Me. I can go from 0 to 100 in less than five seconds. But she never wants to upset me. So she continues to explain.

"It was late. He was drunk and upset. When we got home I was trying to get him to leave but he wouldn't. Finally he was fed up with my nagging so he shoved me and I hit the wall. I made him leave as soon as he did it Harry."

By now I was breathing in and out at a very fast pace it honestly scared the shit out of myself. I got up. And started for the door.

"Where are you going!" She yelled after me.

"I'm going to go find that bastard. No one touches my girl. I spat coldly.

She hopped off the counter and charged at me getting In front of me She put her hands on my chest.

"Don't do it Harry. Please." She says looking me in the eye. They have turned an Ice cold green color but as soon as they connect with hers they soften.

I grabbed her face with my hands and it startled her making her gasp.

"I fucking love you no matter what Alex."

"And I love you."

And I really did mean it this time.

Present Time | Harry's Point of View.

"That was the first time I had really ever said I love you to her. I should've said it more."

I didn't realize I was crying until I felt something wet hit my lap.

He hasn't said anything so I stand up. "I'm gonna go grab some Kleenex's. He nods without saying a word.

As I turn around to hand him some I see him holding a picture of her in his hand. He's crying and I don't know what else to do but to sit down and cry with him.

When you know something is gone and you can't get it back. That's all you can do.

Flashback was to Chapter 17 of Never.

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