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"Hagel, Halbgötter. Ich bin Adolf Hitler, Sohn des Chaos"

I understood perfectly, even though I recognized him from the minute I saw him.

Adolf Hitler. The greatest dictator ever walking on Earth. He killed thousands of people and started a World War.

The only thing I managed to say was, "I didn't know that Chaos had children"

"Speak in english Hitler!" Annabeth ordered.

"Because I'm the only one, Perseus."

He ordered to follow him. The rest of the crew was captured. Hedge made a combination of a Tae-Kwan-Do kick, a Ju Jitzu punch and a standard street uppercut. He managed to get free, but more guards got him.

Luke was knocked down, he had blood all around his face.

"What do you want Hitler"

"What everybody wants, power, wealth, control"

Unlike everybody else we have meet, he had his normal eye color, not black.

He ordered something in German and we were hit with the butts of the rifles. Everybody passed out.

I woke up in a cell. A guard with an assault rifle guarded the cell.

"Hey ugly!" I shouted.

The guard ordered, "Shut up!"

He was turning purple with rage.

I insulted him now, on german.

Unfortunately, my plan worked. He came into my cell and hit me with his gun. It hurt like, I don't know how to describe the pain.

After a while, I grabbed his gun, then I counterattacked, I knocked him out and ran. Suddenly, the wall exploded and I went flying back.

Nobody's POV (nobody, not Nobody, I mean, well, you should get it)

She woke up on a beach four nights ago. She remembered only a few things. She was on a mission.

As far as she knew, there was a pretty and , heartbroken girl living in the island.

She only remembered a few things, she was on a mission, something happened and everybody disappeared. She was a daughter of Apollo, or that is what people said.

"Am I dead?" The girl asked.

"Not yet" The other said.

"Where am I?"

"It doesn't matter, this is my home and prison"

"Why are you here, anyway?"

"Long ago, a demigod called Perseus Jackson woke up here. He promised to free me, and supposedly he made the gods free me, apparently, it didn't work" Calypso explained.

"Percy Jackson?"

The nymph nodded."Why?". (AN//Calypso is a nymph)

"It's just, that name sounds familiar."

"What is your name?" Calypso asked.

"Johanna, how can we leave?"

"A raft is supposed to come"

"I suppose that is not the raft" Johanna sad pointing at a flying ship appearing in the horizon.

Calypso's face brightened.


My head hurt. My ears vibrated.

Four figures appeared from the hole in the wall.

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