Chapter : 3

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A boy "Hello" I said my voice barely audible. The boy looked up from the book he was reading. "Hey" he said with a smile. He had red hair and bluish eyes and pale skin with freckles.

"I'm Lottie" I said loudly. He chuckled "Your cute" I went beat red. "Thanks" I murmured. "So what's your year first second?" he asked "First" I said with a grin. "Same here, but I'm considered a seventh year" I gaped him "Seventh?" I squeaked. He chuckled "I know basically everything I need to in all the other grades."

"Cool!" He nodded "Oh by the way I'm Michael Dumbledore" "Dumbledore. Your his son?" "No, I'm his nephew" he answered.

Cool room I thought I took in the scenery. Clear glass a blue bed a large stereo (muggle device) and stacks of books. Then there was a door I walked towards the door. I opened it to reveal the most amazing room ever. It had a library a desk with two chairs cabinets up top and a shelves filled with action figures then two beds hmm.

"AMAZING!" I shouted I could hear Michael telling my to leave, but I ignored him. "What the heck are you doing here?" a voice said behind me. I turned around to see a boy with blackish hair eyes like voids (dark brown). "Um.. I'm sor-" "I don't care hasn't your dad or mom told you to knock?!"

I ran a tear slowly coming down my face. My father was a horrible man I hated him. I ran out and the three headed dog saw me and started to bark. "SHUT UP!" I yelled at it. It instantly stopped. The tears wouldn't stop they kept going the three headed dog tried comforting me.

"Let it out on me" a voice said behind me. "No I'd hurt you" "I wouldn't mind I'm a vampire" I stood up my vision started to go red the boy fell to his knees. Tears streamed down his face faster and faster until he screamed. I stopped I backed away my tears were falling down again.

"You feel better?" the boy asked getting up and wiping away tears. "Yes. I'm sorry I-I" "It's fine 'Kay?" " 'Kay." With that I walked back inside and fell asleep.

The stone Lottie. Get me the stone No I don't want to! The stone get it!

 I woke up my hands were sweaty and I was crying. "You okay?" Michaels voice said. "Yeah" I got up and saw Michael. "I'm going to the library" "We don't have one" "Now we do." I walked to the corner of my room and a door appeared. I opened it and there it was a library. I picked out a muggle book called Knightly Academy. I read the book until dawn then I crawled into bed and fell asleep.


"Morning sunshine" a voice said by my ear. I bolted upright to see Michael. "Don't.Ever.Do.THAT!" I said angrily. Then Cole came in faster than lighting.

"Did Fluffy learn to speak English and then told everyone in school I'm a vampire and now there trying to kill me?!" Cole said in a hurry. "No" I stated I got up from bed. I heard snickering and looked down at what I was wearing. A simple pink tank-top, shorts with pink, blue, and purple stripes with a pink bow on top, and of course I had slipped on cow slippers and a pink bow on my head.

I saw nothing weird and yelled for them to get out so I could dress myself. I slipped into a red dress with a black bow and brownish boots with lion earrings. I then put on my robes (she doesn't know about the uniform). A few minutes later I yelled for Michael and Cole to come so we could eat breakfast.

We walked into the great hall and I heard whispers like "She's the one that wasn't sorted" or "Look it's the freak." I hugged myself and the felt hands over my shoulders. I looked to my right and Cole's hand was around me as well as Michaels Why isn't there skin burning I thought, but then shrugged it off.

I smiled and went in only to be greeted by more whispers. I looked around and finally decided to sit in front of a boy with brown hair green eyes and round glasses, Michael and Cole on my sides I started to talk to the boy. "Hello, I'm Lottie a first year" the boy smiled and said "My name is Harry a first year as well" I nodded and we talked more.

The Great Hall was nearly empty. I quickly got up and walked behind Cole and Michael. Harry was long gone he had left with a red headed boy and a girl with brown hair. "Cole, Michael where are we going?" They stopped and turned to look at me. "Are rooms of course" the said in unison.

"But, class" they looked at me and sighed "I guess we could go with you" stated Cole. I smiled and skipped along trying to find Harry. No luck, I sighed then randomly went looking for a class, classes had already started. I turned and looked at Cole and Michael "What class is first?"

They both smiled "charms" they stated "Where is that?" They sighed and walked me to class. We knocked on the door and saw a angry Proffesor Flitwick. "Proffesor I'm sorry I haven't been sorted and I was trying to find my class"  the Professor nodded and let me in. I sat next to Harry with Cole in front of me and Michael on my other side.

Class ended fairly quickly and I went to my next class then my next it continued like this all day.


We went to breakfast when owls started flying in. Letters, packages, gifts were coming in. I giant owl flew in and realized at once it was "Jeffery" I yelled the owl looked at my with it's enormous eyes and dropped a package in front of me.

I opened to reveal several quills, parchment paper, and ink of all colors and if course a letter on top.

Dear, Lottie

       Lottie I dare say the Dark Lord is fairly angry at me for letting you out of my sight, but I am not you are a strong girl and I knew you would forget some things so I sent them



A few tears escaped my eyes and then many more until it was to the point I couldn't stop. Michael and Cole hadn't noticed but, Harry had. "Are you alright Lottie" I simply nodded. He looked at me then said "Me and Ron are going to Hagrid's Hut today for tea. Um.. do you want to come?" He said awkwardly I nodded.

I finished eating then I got my books afterwards I walked to Potions class. Professor Snape kept calling on Harry and calling him a celebrity, but I was glad it ended I definitely knew potions was my least favorite subject.

It was lunch and I finished quickly and scurried to Hagrid's Hut. I knocked on the door and it was opened by a large man with a brown beard. I smiled and went  in and introduced myself as Lottie Cathleen then we had a nice conversation about dragons.

There was a knock on the door. I opened it to reveal Ron and Harry. We had tea and chatted about many things. I left before Harry and Ron and scurried into my room. I was greeted by my angry looking roommate's. "Where." "Were" "You" they finished for each other.

"With Harry and Ron, why do you ask?" They looked at me then looked down "No reason" stated Cole. "You two are still my besty's 'Kay" they both nodded with grins.

"So I'm going to bed now leave" I ordered they did immediately. My curse was the only reason people did as I said even animals but it would get bothersome over time. I changed into a white nightgown with long sleeves.

I slipped into my bed and read a book called The Hobbit. Then I drifted off into sleep.


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