Chapter 4

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Chapter 4-

"Sigh," Jackey flustered. "What is it?" Aldo says strugging his shoulders. "Its check up day for our uniforms" Jackey says in a whiny voice." "And your point,"  Aldo says raising his eye brows.  "Never mind," jackey pouts. "Are you sure?" Aldo says with a puzzled voice. "Yes Im sure," jackey says. "Damn, well you didnt have to say every word with infesses on it." Jackey and Aldo walks to the nurses office.

They walked in the office was filled with students so filled it was like a baseball stadium. Jackey and aldo got in line and there was people behind them. "Woah, those are big knockers" Aldo says starring at this girl taking off her shirt. "Wait we have to undress in front of everybody???" jackey says in a worried voice. "Yup dont worry you only take off your shirt though and what you where worried cause everyone was gonna see your tiny mighties," aldo says laughing. Jackey said nothing towards him he just stand still.

20 minutes later it was time for aldo's check up aldo pulled of his shirt and all the girls stared like he was a goddess. They gasped and some fainted almost did the nurse. He was perfect 8 pack, tattoos that when across his chest and on his side. The nurse pulled the tape ruler around his waist. The girls screamed "I MEASURE HIM,"  some of the girls started fighting over him saying who was gonna measure him or what part of the body they will have so sercuity had to stop them. Some of the girls was listening mad close to the nurse to right down his measurments. They where like lions and he was like the only piece of steak left in the whole in tire world. Aldo sighed and said thats enough then put his shirt back on. The girls and gays said aww and put there head down in shame.

"Jackey the nurse,"called. Jackey mumbled to aldo "i probably will scare your fan girls away after this." Jackey slowly pulled off his shirt. Jackey sighed every one was starring at the scarres on  his body. Aldo looked shocked and angry. The girls and boys whispered about him. "Whats wrong with him?" "Does he cut his self." "He needs to put his shirt back on. "Aldo walked up to him and asked where did these scares come from aldo touched his scar and jackey smacked him so hard in the face it made a clap sound the  and it made aldo head turn 90 degrees.

 He snatched his shirt from the nurse and walked out the nursing office and aldo ran after him with his hand over the burse jackey gave him. Aldo pulled jackeys collar and punched him. "Taste of my own medicine huh?" jackey says wipping the blood off his lip. Aldo stills is holding on to jackeys collar. "Let me go im droppin out." jackey says with no emotion. "No" aldo says panting out of breath and squeezing his collar tighter. Jackey smirked "you know the saying gingers have no souls or emotions."

Jackey slowly pulled out a knife and pulled away then started charging at him. Aldo stand there in shock and hold the knife with his hand. "LET GO OF THE KNIFE ARE YOU CRAZY." aldo says with blood dripping from his hand. "No I always hated." jackey says with tears coming from eyes. "Let go of me!" jackey says in angry voice.  "You just can't run away,"aldo says in a angry voice. "So what people said things about you in there it doesnt matter i know how you feel." "SHUDDUP! Jackey yells you don't know how it feels." Jackey pulls the blade off the knife out of aldos hand and runs off. 

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