Chapter 3: Seeing Him

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Chapter 3: Seeing Him

I wanted to physically hurt her.

I wanted to do anything to make her feel the same pain I did....

I looked at the girl standing in front of me that was about 5 months pregnant.

"Caroline" she said in a stern tone

"Haley" I said in the same tone

"What do you want?" She asked harshly

"I just wanted to see klaus"

"Then come in"

I walked into the huge mansion.

Haley led me to where klaus was.

We walked to a big room where I saw many people; some I knew and some I didn't.

They were all staring at me.

I didn't know what to say but when I saw him my heart would have been beating uncontrollably (if I wasn't dead).

His eyes were staring right into mine then he walked out of the room. I knew that I should follow him so I followed him.

He took me out of the house and into the front yard.

"Caroline....." He said helplessly

"Don't..." I said, still upset about haley

"Let me talk, please" I said


"What the hell were you thinking? Haley? Seriously. I mean if you wanted to sleep with someone and get them pregnant, did have to be her? And I feel like and idiot that you didn't tell me. And I've been fantasizing about that stupid kiss for months!"

He smirked at that last comment.

Then he started to talk in that seductive British accent of his.

"I'm sorry caroline. I wasn't thinking and I didn't even know it was possible. If I had any idea you would be so mad about it, I wouldn't have slept with her but we weren't even together."

I looked at him.

"And I missed you"

All of a sudden tears started building up in my eyes and I hugged him without thinking. He hugged me back. And there and then, I realized how much I've missed him.

Who knew seeing him again would be the best feeling I've ever had.



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