Part 2

Kelsey's POV

Fucking fuck fuck fuck ahhhh! Why the hell does this shit always happen to me! I walked down the medicine isle opened a pack of ibuprofen and swallowed two pills out of the case, no water needed. "Miss you're not supposed to do that" a witness said I flicked him off and went to an empty cash register picking up the intercom "Evan Maxwell your daughter will meet you at home repeat your daughter will meet you at home" I dropped the speaker and walked out of the Super-Walmart: starting my way back home. Once I made it home I filled a bag with a bunch of ice and placed it on my sore head. I could feel a huge bump and there was still a bunch of pain so I grabbed the strongest liquor I could find. I heard the garage door opening and hid it behind the stair banister. "Kelsey Rose Maxwell what the hell was that at the store!" he yelled Ew my middle name, too sweet sounding for me! "A can of sauce fell on my head and I got a huge migraine so I left" "Bullshit! You just didn't want to be responsible for once and help by shopping!" "I'm telling the truth! I have a bump to prove it!" I pointed to it "Go to your room and don't come out until dinner!" "Fuck you!" I screamed running upstairs I still have the whisky bottle so I'm perfectly content in going in my room! Sometime later I finished the whole bottle and the effects hadn't kicked in yet so I decided to go out for a drive I hopped down the stairs heading towards the garage when "What are you doing? Go back to your room!" "I'm 19 Evan you can't tell me what to do!" I gave him the finger and slammed the door shut, jumping into the car and driving down the road only now started to feel the effects of the hard alcohol


"I see you driving down town with the girl I love and I'm like fuck you!" I scream/sang with the radio Driving when drunk is like a video game! I'm on the left side of the road now and when a car comes I have to get on the right side before I get hit! This should be an everyday game it's so fun! Oh hey the police are joining me! Their sirens make it like a real police chase "Yeahhhh buddy!" I fist pumped We should make a goal in this game! Like having to get to 20 cars passed first, yeah! I'll pull over and tell them the rules! I pulled over and got out of the car but I immediately got dizzy and threw up "You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be held against you" the officer spoke "Your dick" I laughed and passed out

I woke up with a worse headache than before and realizing my bed isn't as comfy as usual. I opened my eyes only reclosing them 'cause the light burned. "Wake up you little shit!" I jumped seeing a big black guy yelling at me "Who you calling a little shit, you motherfucker!" "Your bail has been paid" "Bail?" I looked around, oh shit; I'm fucked "Yes I overheard them popos talking, now get out of my cell!" "You're pissing me off" "Your face is pissing me off" he replied I gave him a death glare "Say that one more time...I dare you" "Your..." Before he could even finish I karate kicked him in the stomach he flew against the wall "Enjoy the pain dougebag!" The guard ran into the cell and cuffed my hands and feet before I could do anymore damage I was walked into the reception area where my Mom's sister was standing "What are you doing here? Wait how long have I been here?" "Kelsey I came to bail you out, your Dad says he needs a break so you're coming to Ireland for a vacation and about a day and a half." She replied in her thick Irish accent I bit my lip He finally decided to get rid of me, figures "Sounds good" The drinking age there is 18 anyways, score for me! The police officer unlocked my cuffs and I walked out of there like a boss my Aunt Ally not far behind

(DISCLAIMER: It is not safe to play the "game" I wrote about in my story. I have never played it and I never will. Please do not risk your life and others just to be stupid.)

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