Chapter Nineteen

*Locking Lips~ Speak Low If You Speak Love

Italics are future


A few nights ago Ashton and I were in my living room watching a movie, except we weren't really watching it.

Every few minutes Ashton would lean his head towards mine and ask for a kiss or place his lips on my forehead, being clingier than usual. If he wasn't kissing me he was talking to me but instead of his usual random babbling it seemed he had a purpose but he claimed his thoughts were nothing out of the ordinary.

"We're going to grow old together." He insisted. "We're going to be like your grandparents and love each other for the rest of our perfect lives." I can't help but talk about my family especially my grandparents. They were high school sweethearts and over time their love grew instead of fizzling out. They built a successful life together and had two children that gave them three of the best (I'm not biased) grandchildren anyone could ask for. My grandparents love story is my favorite fairy tale and I ask to be told it all the time.

"We're going to grow old together?" I asked the question that I knew would spark him to elaborate on his thoughts.

"Yeah, we're forever." He said determined, diverting his eyes back to the forgotten movie.

I thought it was weird at the time for him to suddenly be talking about forever but I brushed it off figuring he was just being Ashton. But now that it is getting closer and closer to my trip to America he's getting clingier and clinger.

"Babe," I pushed on Ashton's head softly trying to urge him off of my stomach where he was drifting in and out of sleep. I have been up for an hour fighting my bladder just to keep Ashton content. "I have to pee so bad, please let me up." I begged my boyfriend who showed up sometime around three am. They were supposed to stay in the city since the meeting had gone late but none of them could sleep so they decided to drive home instead. I had gotten home from Ashton's sometime after midnight and was woken up just after three to my boyfriend crawling into my bed.

"Five more minutes." He mumbled sleepily trying to burry his head in my stomach. If he presses any harder this bed is going to be full of pee.

"I can't," I gave him one last push and he went tumbling to the other side of the bed with a huff. "I'll be right back." I promised and ran to my bathroom.

When I came back Ashton was sitting up with his phone in his hands and a pout on his face. "I have to go soon." He sighed sadly. He has to watch Harry for few hours today and I'm going to use the time he's gone to pack. I know that tomorrow I won't have any time and Monday will already be exhausting from school and then having to catch our flight that I figured it would be easiest to do it today.

"I'll be here, packing." I hate packing.

"I'll be back as soon as I can." He promised me with a kiss.

I followed him down the stairs, the two of us still in a sleepy state and dressed in sweatpants and t-shirts. My hair was in a makeshift ponytail and Ashton's hair was sticking up.

"Something smells so good." Ashton mumbled.

"Dads probably cooking." He can't leave until after his meeting on Monday, which is the only reason we're not already gone.

"I have like twenty minutes, I hope it's done." I laughed. We walked into the kitchen and all of our friends, minus Alyssa, were sitting around the table waiting for my dad to place food in front of them.

"When did you guys get here? It's not even noon." I pulled out the chair next to Michael and rested my head on his shoulder.

"Ashton drove us here." Luke answered me from across the table. "We barely made it into the house before we passed out." They have been here enough times at night to know where all the pillows and blankets are. They make themselves at home here. My dad has always insisted that they do.

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