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Kay's POV

Today is the day ^_^.. The day I become Kaylin Raven Mikyla Smith. Married to one of the most special people I've ever known. I finally found someone who I connect with and love. I've never really knew that this day would come so fast. I was just 15 years old at a Mindless Behavior Concert obsessed with Ray Ray. Now I'm his fiancé , children's mother and soon to be wife . I got out of my bed and I took a shower. I on some lotion and my undergarments when I got out. I put on my robe, then went into my daughters' room.

"Good Morning Kyla" I spoke to my 2 month old daughter that was awake.

I picked her up and carried her downstairs to make a bottle for her and her sisters. Zahrea came downstairs and brought down Mikyla and Raven.

Shania came down the stairs

"Shania ? When you got here?"

"Well I remember you told us you were getting married and you want me Keilah , and Chelsea to come back and be brides." Shania said and then looked at Zahrea "oh it's you"

"Well if it isn't the hoe that my mans had a one night stand with"

" Lmfaoo you deadass thought we did it once ? No boo .. Remember his birthday when he wanted to chill by himself ? Yeahh .. He was fucking me"

"You little bi- " Zahrea said then got cut off by me

"Shut up" I said "No cursing in front of my kids. I don't give one or two shits if y'all had beef. This is MY wedding day and it WILL go MY way.. Understood ?"

"Understood" they said in unison


Ray's POV

I woke up in a hotel room with clothes all over the place. Oh shxt today is my wedding day. I hopped out of bed then showered. I put on a vest and some boxers. I woke up Prince, Prodigy, And Roc ..


They hopped out of bed and looked at me like i was crazy

"What the fuck ray ?" Prince said

"Oh go f*ck yourself and shower" I said

Prod and Roc laughed and Prince stomped away.

I texted Zahrea

-Text Converstaion-

OhMyTACOS: Zahrea ?

iAmMisfit: Wadduap ?

OhMyTACOS: Nada... Prince showering and just waiting for my sisters and mom to come.

iAmMisfit: Oo Okaa. Kay waiting for the make up artist and hair stylist to come..

OhMyTACOS: Tell my baby I love her and my beautiful daughters

iAmMisfit: Okaay.. Tell Prince I love him

OhMyTACOS: kk.. Byeeeeee sis


I heard a knock on the door and I walked to it. I answered "Hey Mom"

She hugged me and smiled.

"Hey Mya , Hey Kaelisha" I said

We did our signature hand shake and then walked in farther in the hotel room.

"Hey Mama Smith " Prod and Roc said

"Hey Boys" My mom said

Then Prince walked out the bathroom with his towel on and I saw Mya staring at him

I walked over to her and directed her attention to me "He's married "

"Fuck" she mumbled

"What ?" My mom said

i laughed and she said "I said luck"


Kay's POV

It was minutes before I get married to Raquan Smith .. Oh My Gawshhhh <3.. I walked down the aisle by myself without my father. I was so excited to ?say the words "I do"

When I reached to the arch, Ray smiled at me.

"We are gathered here today to join Kaylin and Raquan in holy matromony ( sorry ._. lol) " The paster said "You may say your vows"

"Ray.. It's been a year since we've met. And this has been the best year of my life. I love you more than I love myself. We have three beautiful daughters together and Im excited to spend the rest of life with you " I said holding rays hand and looking deep into his brown eyes

"Kay, I've never loved somebody the way I love you. You've changed my life. I never thought i would find someone who loved me for me and not my fame. I've found the most perfect girl in the world and I'm glad to say Im going to spend the rest of my life with you. " He said making me cry tears of joy.

"You may kiss the bride " the paster said

He wiped my tears and then kissed me.

I'm Kaylin Raven Mikyla Smith and I'm married to Raquan Smith.. And we have 3 beautiful daughters <3


And we're out ! Byeee Guysss.. I'll Be Working On The Sequel.. Dont Delete This From Your Library I'll Add A Part To This To Let You Know When It's Out ..

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