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zao shang hao (早上好) --- Good Morning

wan shang hao (晚上好) --- Goodnight

ni hao (你好) --- Hello

zai jian (再见) --- Goodbye

hen gao xing ren shi ni (很高兴认识你) --- It's nice to meet you

ni cong na li lai (你从哪里来) --- where are you from?

xie xie (谢谢) --- Thank you

bu yong xie (不用谢) --- You're welcome

shen me (什么) --- What

he shi (何时) --- When

ru he (如何) --- How

wei shen me (为什么) --- Why

na li (哪里) --- Where

wo (我) --- Me

wo de (我的) --- My


Sorry for not updating my stories so often. I am so busy with school and it's almost Christmas break and......... I will try and update more often from now on :D

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