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I was walking slowly towards the light, trying to stop my head from falling to the ground, but I couldn't see anything. It was darker than the color black. My foot got stuck in a rock and I tripped and the light disappeared. ONE MORE WISH was the thought that circled my mind. It started way back when I saw the shard. I was filled with curiosity and stupidity, and I took it without knowing what this thing is. I lived in a small village and I was really poor, but my village was very rich eccept we lived in the poor side. I had the shard and I brought it home. I showed my mom and dad. Surprisingly they knew what it was. They told me that this was known as the Shikown Jewel Shard. The Priestess Kikuyu created this shard to seal all the demons and to protect the village. She mentioned before she died, that you can make a wish but only one, and you should feel the right time to make it. But if you take advantage and just want that wish without needing it, you will be doomed for life. When I heard about the part that you can make a wish I blacked out. So everything I heard went from one ear and out the other.

The priestesses is doomed to fight the demons she sealed because she made the wish at the wrong time and know she can never rest in peace. I quickly ran outside and made a wish that we lived a very happy and long life and we would be really rich. And the exact opposite happened and we became poorer then the beggars. And my dad lost one of his lungs and his other lung was about to fail. We had the money before but now we were broke and we didn't have the money to help my dad and the only free surgery available was the lung transplant and my mom transplanted her lungs to my dad. My mom died because we couldn't afford food and she died in hunger and she had a COPD.

My family was doomed and I had no idea how but then it hit me, it was the jewel shard. I told my father that I had made a wish that we would be really rich and that we'd live a long and happy life. My dad's blood almost bursted out like a volcano exploding. But my dad cooled down. He knew that there is no reason to be angry so he said to enjoy the time we have left in this world before our souls go to heaven. I was the only one who wasn't sick. Night came by and I went to sleep. The next morning I woke up my dad was lying dead on the floor. No teers came in my eye because he wouldn't come back to life no mater how much I cry. He was dead and that's the end of his story. I was helpless. I was kicked out of my own house because I had no money to pay the bills.

I had nothing to eat. I was thinking that, how much more time until I go to where my parents are right now. Every night on the street I would wonder when will I die but I still lived. The nights got colder. I had no shelter and no warm clothes. The only thing I had was a half torn t shirt, torn pants and a thin bead sheet. I coughed out mucus, and learned that few more weeks and death strikes me. I had no fear to die, but I did have fear in order to live. I waited impatiently for the right time, but as I expected, nothing happened. Three weeks went by, and I still had a fever. It was the last day of the week and I couldn't move a muscle. I didn't even have the strength to open my eyes. But a warm light touched my frozen rock skin, one day. The curiosity inside me gave me the strength to open my eyes. I saw a bright light coming from a dark cave. I pushed my self up, and finally hoped that I would live. I finally stood up properly because it's been more then four days I've been on the floor. My head was like a huge block of Ice, unable to think properly. My head kept falling down but I used all the force to keep myself up. I was in the cave, it was pitch black and my foot got stuck in a rock and I fell. If only I had one more wish. I still had the shard in my pocket, I totally had forgotten about that. The shard started shining and it flew right in front of me. The shard shattered into pieces as I felt a very warm lighttouch my face.My skin became as soft as a baby's skin, my fever went away and I stood up. I felt my mom's warm soft hand touch my face and I saw dad right beside her. My eyes started tearing up. Mom said with a voice of an angel" You will not be in pain anymore, please forgive us for what we've put you through", a bright light shined, it was so bright that I couldn't open my eyes. The light vanished and when I opened my eyes I was in a home with new parents.

I was confused, I asked who they were, and they replied that they adopted me. I understood that my mom sent me here so I was really happy. I didn't care who they were and I hugged them with all the force I had. My eyes were over flowing with tears like a waterfall.

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