Chapter 50

My back slouches over. Not only from being slightly miserable, but also because of my backpack. So. Heavy. Why am I miserable, you ask? Breaking up with someone. It's not exactly easy, you know. Unless you're a total bitch, then, that's pretty self-explanatory. (Cough heartless) I stare in the direction of the dorms. Great. Nyssa and I walk to my dorm. Where I shall face my, in video game terms, "boss battle." I know, geeky, but that's just me.

 Lightbulb. Sorry, that was random, but I just realized something. I was thinking about Jake. And then Harry. And then back to Jake. What was the difference, well, you see -

"SYD!" Nyssa screams in my ear. Ouch. No need to scream at the person next to you. That's only necessary in frat parties. Always necessary at those hell-holes. I rub my ear. Not like it'll help...

"Ow! Nyssa." I whine. She laughs.

"Sorry, but you know what I just realized?" she asks me with a somewhat happy face. I just realized that you cut off my train of thought, and now I lost my brilliant revelation. Thanks so much. I really owe you one...

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I raise an eyebrow. We smile knowingly.

"Maybe." she stretches it out like it's the longest word invented. So dramatic. "Anyhow, the reason you don't feel the same way about Jake that you do for Harry is...-" she begins, but I cut her off. She just reminded me what I though of.

"I only love him like a brother!" I smack my head. Idjit-town. Population. Me. Wait, I said that already. Another facepalm. If I had a penny every time I did that in my life...I'd flash back, but there's too many times. Plus, I have a break-up to do. Not like I'm desperate to do it or anything. She smiles knowingly at me.

"Exactly." Nyssa snaps her fingers. I laugh. Totally. True.

"I guess I fell in love with what he did, and not him." I sigh. Our happy faces immediately turn into frowns. Mood swings. More like crap swings, I swear. They are not fun.

"As great as it is to figure that puzzle out, it's not fun hearing it." her lips purse.

"Got that right." I sigh, running a hand through my hair. "God damn it, let's just get hell over with. I don't want to feel very guilty any longer." I sniff. Stupid pollen. Stupid allergies. I shouldn't be laughing, but it is kind of funny how I'm acting like I'm pissed off at the world whereas I should just be mad at myself. Illogical. Another facepalm.

"You're such a nose." Gwen says in my mind. Wait. That was sounded like... "Hello bitches, Gwen has arrived." I hear behind me. So casual. So Gwen. I pinch the bridge of my nose.

"You just have terrific timing." I groan. She rolls her eyes at me and nudges me slightly.

"I have fucking awesome timing, if that's what you're really saying. I'm just hot like that."

she smirks and makes a hand motion. That's just so original.

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