Chapter 3

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Charter 3-

"Jackey  you eat slower than my grandma lessy"  aldo says dragging his words. I glare at aldo I hope he knows im extra cranky in the morning more cranker than his grandma, more cranker than a girl psmings. "Fall off," I say angrily, "if u don't I will chop off your member." "Not my Baby maker," aldo says pancking. "Then shut up or I would," Jackey says pulling out a scissor and  swings it around his finger like a wind mill. "Chill dude,"aldo says in a pancking voice. "Ahhhh," jackey acts like he was gonna throw it at him. Aldo screams and runs so fast he fells out the chair on his face.After Jackey is finsh with his food him and aldo take a walk to school.

Suddenly a group of fan  boys and girls say aldo and went all gaga. "Omg your so gorgeous," "what hertaige are you," "how old are you," "whats your height cause your tall" and "do u date anybody." Aldo answers all the questions all in order im "italian,18,6'2 and do I date anybody yep this cutie right there he pointed at jackey."

"What?" Jackey ran up to aldo putting him in  a head lock  saying take that back we don't go out. This fans where shocked and look desistated. "Yep we had you know ;) and everything but he banged me  aldo says like theres no care in the world." Jackey makes his head lock tighter. I crowd Gawk. "mmmm hmmm you know I have a famous rectum;" aldo says like he gasping for air. No your butt is filthy, "Jackey says with a attuitude. "How do you know you never looked back there and I use nair sooooooo my ***** clean aldo says in a nikki minaj rapping voice." A older lady walked up to me and aldo and ask aldo on  a date. Aldo looked diguisted. I have a song for you aldo says while hopping in the taxi with jackey. He sings it like cinema way by skrillex. "Youuuu areee tooooo oldddd you caaaaannn bbbeeee myyy grandmaaaa." Then the taxi driver drove off. Just in the neck of time so the grandma wont smack him or hit him with her purse

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