*Destiny's POV*

I would say now that I have never known stress until now. I've been home about 45 minutes a day when I am not sleeping. If I wasn't totally ready to be married, I would have given up on the idea of marriage. There is easily too much planning involved. 

"Ugh, I'm exhausted," I moan as I flop onto my bed. Niall is in the closet doing something and being awfully loud. "What are you doing in there?" 

"I'm packing, duh," he says and I laugh. Who knew Niall would ever start packing before I had even entertained the idea of packing. I guess I've been too busy to even think of it. 

"Oh," I say dumbly, "I should probably try and get that done sometime soon." I know it won't happen soon at all though. I just feel like I should present the idea of it. 

"Des, I was thinking and..." Niall trails off. I quickly suck in a sharp breath. 

"What?" I ask him, my voice wary. Is he going to say we are rushing this? I hope not. 

"Well, I know how much this wedding thing is stressing you out and so I thought maybe..." he trails off once more as he appears in the doorway of the closet, leaning against the frame. "I thought maybe we wouldn't throw a huge wedding. We could just go to a church and get married. No one would have to go," he mutters and I am shocked.

"No," I state.

"What? Why?" he asks, somehow actually looking confused. 

"I'm only getting married once and I am doing it the right way. Besides, I know you want a real wedding."

He smiles at me, "Yes but I also want my bride to be able to walk down the aisle without falling asleep on me. I mean you are definitely lacking on sleep."

"I'll meet you at the altar, wide awake. I can assure you of that." 


Driving to the bridal shop had set my nerves on edge. This was my finaly dress fitting and if it wasn't perfect, I would be screwed. In two days I am going to be marrying the man of my dreams. In two days, I would officially be Mrs. Horan. 

"Destiny, everything is going to be fine," Perrie assures me for at least the 10th time in the 20 minutes I have been in the car. 

"I hope so," I reply simply, my mind thnking about all of the things that could go wrong. We enter the bridal shop and I am instantly greeted by Elizabeth. She speaks quickly, obviously excited. I smile at her and pretend to listen as we walk into the dressing room. My dress is hung up on the wall and feel very nervous. Elizabeth helps me into the dress and laces the back up and it fits perfectly. I step out to show Perrie who is pacing around the private room. When I step out, she immediately stops and stares. 

"You look perfect. You look so beautiful," she says and I see the tears forming in her eyes. She gently hugs me. 

"Perrie, I am getting married," I say, as if this is a sudden realization. 

"A better couple has never existed," she says and I am also beginning to cry. I wonder if Niall is feeling as emotional as I am. 

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