The Video

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Chapter 12

Ally's P.O.V
At noon I started to walk to Trish's house. As I was walking I saw Austin and Kira. He stared at me. Kira gave me a smirk. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. I finally got to Trish's house. I knocked on the door. She answered. "Okay, I'm here." I said and walked in. I saw Tilly staring at me. I smirked at her. "Look at what you did to me." She said. "You deserved it. Remember what you used to do to me?" I asked. Trish pulled me outside. We sat down. "Well Kira and Dallas are my cousins." She started. What? Kira is her cousin? "I know how Kira treated you. That's why I helped you. She has an obsession with Austin Moon. He's the guy you like. She has always hated you but when you and Austin started dating she hated you even more she was willing to do anything to keep you guys apart." Trish said.
"So, it really was her? She killed Mike?...wait. How do you know this?" I asked.
"I hate Kira. So, does Dallas. So, he kept me updated. He told me everything about her. He sent me photos and videos of her. That's how I know you have the phone?" She asked. I nodded and handed her the phone.
"Do you want that guy Austin back?"
I stayed silent. I kind of do.
"Well if you him this." She said and then a video appeared on the screen.
"Kira, you're crazy! You're going to kill Austin's father?" Cassidy asked. Cassidy was another girl in Kira's group that bullied me. "Yeah, Kira this is going to far." Tilly said. "I don't care what you guys think. Austin is mine. So do y'all wanna hear the plan?" Kira asked. Tilly and Cassidy nodded.
"First, I kill him. Then, Tilly you sneak in Ally's house and put this drug in anything that she drinks. After that, Cassidy you and I will carry her into the van and drive her to this address." Kira said and handed her a piece of paper. "Then after a few hours I'll anonymously call the police." Kira said. Then the video ended.
I'm pissed. She did this just to take Austin away from me? She's the criminal. "So, that was the video that had a passcode in it?" I asked. Trish nodded. "The passcode is 1-1-2-9." Trish said and handed me the phone. "Now go."
"Thank you Trish." I said and ran off. I walked to the cabin.
I took out my phone. I dialed Austin's number. He answered.
"Austin, it's Ally. Come to the cabin. I need to show you something. Please come." I said and hanged up.
Half an hour later.
There was a knock on my door.
I opened it.
"What did you need me for?" Austin asked. "I need to show you this. This will prove I didn't kill your dad." I said and played the video and handed him the phone.
When the video was over his face was full of shock. He looked down at me. "Ally, I am so sorry I didn't believe you. I should've known." He said and got on his knees. Wow. I feel weird. "Get up."
He did.
"See, you have to trust me from now on." I said. "I feel like an idiot." He said. I leaned up and kissed him. He immediately kissed back.

Austin's P.O.V
Our kiss was passionate. I missed her so much. I can't believe I ever doubted her. I know it'll take her a long time to forgive me. I felt her wrap her legs around my waist. I put my hands on her waist. She pulled away. I smiled at her. She giggled. She got off of me. I brushed her lips with my thumb. She smiled. "I should go." I said. "Where?" She asked. "Break up with Kira and confront her." I said. "No!" She yelled. "Why not?" I asked. "You can break up with her but, you can't tell her anything about the video." She said her voice becoming dangerous. "Fine." I said. "Break up with her tomorrow and stay here with me tonight." She said. "What are we gonna do?" I asked. She smirked. "Oh...I don't know..." She said. I chuckled. She got closer to me. I couldn't help myself. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer to me.

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