Happily Ever After. Finally

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Chapter Eight

Ryland's POV

They didn't even eat their dinner. Instead, they bundled up and took the short ride to the hospital.

He couldn't stop smiling the whole way there. He was finally going to be able to see her beautiful hazel eyes again. He just hoped that she would stay awake this time.

Riker didn't even wait for the car to stop. He jumped out the door and ran into the hospital. He had waited the longest for this day to come. It was only fitting that he get to see her first.

When they all made it up to her room, she was siting in her bed, Riker right beside her. They had been holing each other since Riker got there. He had clearly been crying.

Rydel looked unfazed; like she had no recognition of the last three months. Of course she didn't; she was asleep, permanently.

Their mom was overcome with emotions when they saw her moving. Their dad walked her out of the room leaving the boys alone with their sister.

Rocky finally spoke, breaking the looming silence.

"Delly" he said, almost a whisper.

She looked up from Riker, her eyes watery.

He could finally see her face. It had been rid of all the blood they had seen when they found her three months ago in the mill. She almost looked like the same Rydel they had left behind.

Rocky ran to her side as soon as she held her arms open for him. He quickly accepted her offer and crumbled in her arms.

"Thank God your okay" he cried into her shoulder, "Thank God"

"I'd never leave you" she said, as calm as could be. She even smiled, regardless of all she had been through.

Ross was the next to feel his sister's arms around him again. He didn't cry. Instead, he laughed. At first Rydel was confused. Then she laughed along beside him.

Finally it was his turn. She looked at him and smiled, her beautiful smile.

"Hey Ry-Bear" she joked, winking at him.

"Hey Delly-Boo" he winked right back.

The nicknames they gave each other as kids. He could never say Rydel, so he called her Delly. Then he added the Boo part after she cried over Monsters Inc. It was just a nickname that stuck. Whenever she was sad, he would call her Delly-Boo and she would crack right up. Something's never change.

She held her arms open for him. He promised himself he wouldn't cry, but he didn't even make it to her bed before the tears began.

The feeling of her touch made the past months disappear. All the birthdays they had to celebrate without her, didn't seem as bad. Dressing up for Halloween without their lone girl was just a bump in the road.

Her warm embrace made him forget all the pain he went through, all the fears he had of losing her.

"Don't ever leave again" he cried into her shirt.

"I never will" she soothed him, "I promise I will never leave you again"

He sat there, laying in her lap for what felt like forever. He didn't want to ever leave her again.

She was real; she was really there. He finally had his life back together. They could finally move on with their lives, because she was back.

She was finally going to get her Happily Ever After.


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