Chapter 4

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As I walked from my room in my sundress, I walked into the kitchen to find Jennifer making herself a drink. She was putting away the rum when she noticed me. "Jacklyn sweetie, what in the world happened to you?!" She gasped at my newly forming bruses and cuts along my jawline. I smiled and told her I fell down some stairs and through a window. She sighed in relief that I was okay. "Jen I'm okay. I promise." I smiled and walked to the fridge as I pulled out a can of coke and took a sip. I looked out the window and saw his face. Jen followed my gaze and gave me a curious glance. I looked back at her. "Excuse me" I said politley "I have something to take care of"

I slipped out the frount door to see him. "look, if youre going to kidnap me, please do it already." I said sarcastically. He grinned and slowly walked towards me. "Oh sweetie, I will when I'm ready." He handed me a letter and stalked off in the opposite direction. Don't open infrount of Jennifer it said across the frount. I walked back inside and smiled as Jen came to look for me. 

"what was that all about?" She asked curiously. "Oh, just a friend of mine. He's from school and he has a crash on me. I've been trying to tell him I don't think of him like that, and he just handed me this" I explained to her. She smiled and walked to the living room and turned the TV on. I walked away to my bedroom as I heard the TV grow louder. I oppened the letter and read it to myself.


I know what you did to your father sweetie. Please don't make me hurt you more than I already am planning too. Leave tonight and go to your favorite spot.

Love always


"Who the fuck is James?" I asked myself. "JACKLYN" Jen screamed. I ran downstairs and saw him pulling her by the hair out the window with a wicked smile on his face. "Let her go" I said in a shakey voice. "Now sweetie, I'm just holding up my end of the bargin. Oh, I should formally introduce myself" he said while pulling Jens hair harder. A small yelp came from her as he pulled tighter. "Shut the fuck up you whore" He yelled at her "My name is James, and if I don't see you by 11pm tonight, well, this little whore will be dead sooner than planned" He smiled viciously and pulled her out the window as he made his escape.

"What the actual fuck just happened?" I asked to myself as I ran up the staris and started to pack a small bag. I knew he had been watching me, but not to this extent. How was he able to see into the upstairs window? As I finished packing I ran into the street. The feeling was more errie then usual. I arrived at the spot and waited. Hours pased and no one came.

Hours must of passed. When I awoke I was in a building. I knew this because I was leaniong against a wall. The floors were cold, and the room was dark. I had to let my eyes adjust before I could do anything. I heard his voice coming down from the hall, but he was with someone else. The voices stopped in frount of the door leading to the room I was in. "She would have never guessed. I can't wait to kill this ungrateful little bitch". It was a female voice talking. She seemed so familiar, I knew I had heard that voice before. "Now, now wait till she comes too. At least let know know why we're doing this" James said faintly. The female spoke again "Fine, at least let me have my fun with her before we do" James snickered and jiggled the door knob until the door opened.

Only james walked in. He turned on the light and was carrying a try with bread and watter on it. THe water had a yellow tint to it and the bread had mold. I looked at it in disgust. "Thanks for the scrumptios food" I sneered sarcastically. He smiled as he set the tray down and looked at me. I never noticed his face until now. He had grey eyes with pain built in them. His face was angular and he had bones patruting from them. He had long black hair that most girls would die for, and it hid him from the world. "Why youre welcome" He snapped back. "Listen you're lucky that you even get this to eat, if I wern't the one who needed you alive, then this wouldn't be here." I gave him a confused look as he spoke. "What do you want?" I asked putting venom into my words. His grin grew as he thought of what he was going to do. "Well, my colleague and I need you" As he said this, the door jiggled again.

A woman walked in but it was hard to tell what she looked like. Her voice was formilliar to me, like I had heard it many times before. As she walked in I felt  a wave of despair. She turned around and I couldn't see her eyes. Her brown curly hair draped down her back hugging her curves as she walked as if she was of high importance.  She wore a red trench coat and jeans that hugged her body as if they were painted onto her. She put up her hood to hide her face and never looked up too me. As she spoke, she was careful as to what she said. She chose high vocabulary words and changed her voice so that I couldn't recognize it.

She set down a box onto the only table in the room. I could hear her snicker as she did so.  "Now sweetie" James sneered taking my attention away from the woman "you have a choice, you can either have some fun with my friend over here, or you can have some fun with me." He flashed a smile that sent shivers down my back. "I..." I thought for a moment before continuing. If I 'had fun' with James then what would he do to me? On the other hand, I could 'have fun' with his partner and she had a box filled with objects. I sighed figuring that both weren't good and that his partner would cause less damage. "I'll go with your partner."

As these words flew out of my mouth I started to regret it. James smiled and walked towards me with a blind fold and tied it around my eyes. Everything was black. I heard him chuckle.  "Now that you have lost your eye sight all your other senses are heightened." I heard him giggle as something sharp touched my leg. "Oh now James" his partner said sadisticly "dont get her all bloody before I have my fun." I felt someone start kissing my neck softly . "Now" she whispered into my ear "don't struggle and don't fight, or this will hurt." I felt my clothes tear as lips moved from my neck to my breasts. James sighed at this "oh a little girl on girl action always gets me going" he said with a smile in his words. I felt my bra and underwear tear as he lips traveled farther down my body. It felt good on my skin. I felt her smile as she trailed down me. My body wanted to resist but I couldn't anymore. She spread my legs and started to rub me. James cut my ropes and allowed me to lay down on what felt like a bed. I heard zippers as my hands searched her body to uncover her skin. Harder she rubbed as my hands found her bare. Then I felt it. I felt her fingers go in causing me more pleasure then I ever felt before.  I yearned for more as my body responded to hers. I felt her take them out as she flung me on top making me in control. I searched for her lips as I kissed up and down her naked body. As I found them my hand wandered down and started to rub her. I hear her moan as I pushed harder and faster. Letting my hand stay there my lips searched for her down there. I slid my tounge in and sucked faster and harder as she moaned more and more then I felt her cum. I felt hands come from behind searching my body. James had come up to me. He rubbed me until I moaned loudly. The more I moaned the closer I came. I felt him shove himself into me as I grew more and more ancy to his touch. Harder he went until he finished. I sighed as I realized he was done.

A moment or so passed as I waited for my blind fold to come off. James smiled at me and I smiled back. "Oh sweetie aren't we in for a surprise" he said as I was given clothes from the box. I slipped them on and gave him a confused looked. He smiled and walked away humming "hush little baby" and out the door he slipped.

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