As I lug the guitar through the door of the apartment I hear voices coming from the living room.

"She should be home soon." Zoe.

"She better be. I thought she was going to be here, hence why I caught the earlier train." Joe!

"Joe!" I exclaim. Putting down the guitar and running into the lounge.

"Hey," he says happily as I throw myself into his arms.

"Missed you." I mumble, my face once again smooshed against his chest.

He chuckles, "Missed you too. I was wondering where you were." he says, letting me go.

I smile, "I was doing a little Christmas shopping."

"Anything interesting?"

I grin, "Yes!" I say, excitedly. I return to the hallway and grab the guitar case from where I abandoned it.

"A guitar?" Zoe asks, I had almost forgotten that her and Alfie were in the lounge too.

"Yeah! My friends are doing Secret Santa." I explain.

Alfie laughs, "I'm not sure you get the concept of Secret Santa little cuz."

I glare at him. "I get the concept I just don't like rules." I say, bending down and opening the case.

Zoe gasps, "It's so pretty!" she exclaims and I grin.

"The guy in the shop said he will love it."

"How much were you supposed to spend?" Zoe asks.

I bite my lip, wondering whether or not to tell the truth. I decide on truth.

"Fifteen pounds." I admit.

"It looks a bit over that.."

I grimace, "Just a bit.." Zoe looks at me expectantly, "A thousand pounds." I say quietly.

"What?!" The three of them exclaim in sync.

"I spent a thousand pounds." I repeat. Zoe's jaw is hanging open.

"Why the fuck would you spend that much?" Joe exclaims.

I shrug, "Niall's sister accidentally broke his guitar last week and he can't afford to get it fixed. I thought I would help him out. Besides, my allowance from my parents is insanely huge. It's not like I couldn't afford it."

"You're too nice for your own good." Joe says, a smile on his face.

"If you spent a thousand pounds on a Secret Santa my gift better be pretty awesome!" Zoe jokes.

"Oh, it is." I assure her and she grins.

"We're gonna meet up with some of the others for dinner. You two joining us?" Zoe asks. I like that she refers to us as 'you two' instead of asking us separately. It makes me feel like we are a couple. Well, we are technically.

"I would love to!" I exclaim and Joe agrees.

Zoe grins, "Great! Tyler still wants to make a video with you this weekend before he heads back to America." she reminds me.

I had actually completely forgotten about that. I made an intro video earlier this week for my new channel and uploaded it with a little help from Marcus on the editing side of things. Everyone shared it for me and I already have 10,000 subscribers which is nuts.

 Anyway, we end up at Nandos. It's weird really. These guys seem to stick up to all of the stereotypes of internet people. They are never without their camera or phone, always eat at cliche places like Nandos and prefer playing on their phones as opposed to talking. Okay, maybe the last one is a slight exaggeration.

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